Idea: its time to start electrocuting newmans

While we wait for more booby traps, I would like to see electrocution.

Have an electric generator device fueled by low grade full, perhaps even making a low generator sound which creates an electrical sphere of influence. You know free power like Tesla demonstrated.

  • electric generator starts on first shock and runs for 3-5 secs making noise, or continues to run on persistent shocks.
  • a Newman comes up to your base electrical sphere of influence, electric shock
  • a Newman steps on a foundation/step in your electrical sphere of influence, greater electric shock
  • a Newman melees one of your storage boxes or walls/ceilings/doors in your electrical sphere of influence, maximum electric shock and continues on each swing.
  • electrical fuel drains on each shock until it runs out
  • shooting through the electrical field does produce shock but does not effect your health. It does drain the electrical fuel though
  • can throw certain items into the electrical sphere to trigger shock, no health loss.

If we can’t stop the raider, lets at least slow em down.

Should be limited to buildings that are made of metal, and it will attack anyone who touches it, even the person who placed the generator. Blocks will continue to become electric until they run into a non-metallic block (i.e if half of a house is made of metal and the rest of stone, only half of the house will electify you)

i thought this thread was going to be about adding automated external defibrillators…

A simple electric fence would be tons of fun too.

Added: electrified barricades.

A make-shift cattle/stun prod. Since for the time being we have the “wounded/down” state, it could be used to initially non fatally incapacitate a target. Naturally continued usage would be fatal to the recipient. Also, I don’t mean for it to be a 1 hit incap item.