[Idea] Mapping Diary

So I sat at my desk today and just wondered what kind of map should I start working on, when it hit me. A “mapping dairy” the idea is that every day I map one room of the same size, the events of that day would reflect the room, etc. Anybody else have any ideas to contribute?

Whoah. I like this idea. I guess your life would have to be fairly interesting for this to work…

Mines interesting enough, all I’d be doing is reflecting the mood of the day into my rooms.

Do it for like a month, maybe lay the map out like a calendar or something. Every week you add a new row to the current level, every month you climb a flight of stairs to the new room :stuck_out_tongue:

Nine out of ten of my rooms would be pitch black.

and I came in here expecting something like a little notebook you would draw ideas for maps in…

This is an interesting idea, it would be a hit or a miss though, I can’t see this being just an average map…

I would do this but mine would just end up being a dark wasteland…

It’d be hard to map it all in a day, rooms would get left unfinished.

I’m not talking a extremely large room, they’re rather small rooms just based off the days mood.

It should be pretty easy to get them all in, and besides I can make up some days on my free time right?

Cheer up emo kids! and if that doesn’t work, use fullbright!

P.S. To get out of the desert
you have to imagine the forest first.

I guess it really depends on how fast you go, I have a tendency to make it, destroy it, make it better, destroy it… So on…

It’s a neat idea, but I would get tired of it after a while.

Off to bed, have tests tomorrow. I’ll post screens of the first room when I wake up.

First room will be green A’s or red F’s.


I actually have a forum on the web entirely to myself that’s a mapping journal with VMFs, reference, to-do lists and the rest but nobody will ever, ever find it…

I found it!

Naw, but I think the mapping diary idéa is quite neat. At least, original.

I’m no where near emo, just really lonely.

I’m emo

Surely your room would feel cold, and unwelcome then?



That’s positively disgusting.


That’s actually a really good idea. I’ll have to stick with my current setup, which is my phone’s task list, which I enter in random ideas I get into, then rewrite them into a web app a friend wrote for me, which is structured like blog comments, except with the comment box at the top. You can also tag things in there with set tags that are added from a config file, the tags can be filtered by categories and in the “All” view they have different colours.


And No, I can’t release it since the friend who wrote it for me wants to do a rewrite, as it’s apparently messy. He’s lacking a lot of free time though.