(Idea) More defensive / Trap option !

-Fake Celling

1/2 Fake Celling

1/4 Fake Celling

3/4 Fake Celling

Look exactly same as normal celling
can break it with mele weapons
It will break in 5 sec Once you step in


-Fake Wall

Look exactly same as normal Wall
can break it with mele weapons


  • Floor Spikes

can be placed on Foundation/Celling only


  • Explosion Large/Small Storage box / Barrel

Explode in 5 sec once you search it
look exactly same as normal Storage box


  • Metal Gate

Work like wood gate
Require C4 to break


  • Landmine

Explode immediately when u step on it
Using Crouch to avoid it


  • Bear Trap ( it coming soon !)


  • Barb Wire ( With Poison )

Work like Spikes wall
More Damage
Harder to Break


-Loaded Door (using Shotgun/revolver)

Just like Saw 2

trigger it by opening door

-Deadfall Trap

Use it to kill small size animals (like chicken, rabbits…)

Sorry but they dont sound good

something like this is already on the Trello

Yes those fan made images are being used for ideas

These would be so cool. And neccessary because in this “survival” game, it’s actually technically impossible to actually survive. You will always end up being murdered in your sleep. Death is inevitable, survival is temporary, grinding is eternal.

How about an explosive charge that can be placed in backpacks so that they blow when the backpack is searched? Only disarm-able by the owner or with a code.

Instant death for the searcher with a 10m radius splash effect and destroys the contents of the backpack. Might help to limit new spawn killers.

No, never. That’s complete bullshit. Would ruin the game. People would put shittons of traps and everything would become unraidable. You would die when u open a door… Like really. dumbest thread ever.

Have to be some way to spot the traps and to disarm them, but it would mean taking things slowly and paying attention.

Which would be good, raiding an offline base is way too easy at the moment.