Idea: More Meat for headshots on animals

Just like in real life, if you don’t hit the head you “taint” the meat and therefore get less of it. or even tainted meat?

A friend who’s hunting explained to me once that normally you injure an animal so it can’t run away and then finish it with a gunshot to its head up close. Headshots in real life are super hard to accomplish especially since in Rust we probably will only have make shift weapons. Be happy they don’t blow up in your face.

But as a side note I like the tainted idea. Even in the real world people who eat lots of hunted meat are proned to lead poisoning since a tiny amount is always present even if the bullets were removed

The matter is complicated by the composition of the projectile used.

The idea would make a little sense if you’re using unlined lead ammo, but crude muzzle loaders might just used a handful of rocks which wouldn’t cause a problem for you. Higher powered projectiles which penetrate and exit the target would leave too little residue to be harmful.

This does not make sense in certain situations. Most bears, for instance, have a skull so thick, that they cannot be penetrated by lower calibers and even some high-density slugs. The last thing you would want to do, is shoot a bear in the head, and for it to go into rage once smelling blood.

Mr. Manager like from the Tagg video? We just call him Manager.

the “tainting” comes from rupturing bowels, appendix, spleen etc…the organs that deal with the toxins in the body which then spill said toxins onto the meat and increase the likelyhood of spoilage. i think its all really covered by food going off. not sure i see any need to increase or decrease the meat output based on the impact site:)

OR! I have an even better idea! Kill more animals, get more meat! Just like in real life, if you kill two cows, you’re gonna have more meat than just one!

Sorry, but I disagree on this as an actual game concept, especially if you are aiming for “realism”. I think it’s kind of a trivial thing to add as far as gameplay, and if you want to go for a realistic sort of perspective, it doesn’t work either. As an avid hunter, I can tell you this: you never should aim for the head on big game. You aim for the heart/lungs; it’s a much bigger vital area than the brain, and kills nearly as fast. With a firearm, the shock of the bullet ripping through the body at supersonic speeds can cause catastrophic damage and organ failure, and with a bow, it causes such blood/oxygen loss they collapse in seconds. As for the tainted meat, you shouldn’t be getting lead poisoning from meat, unless you are doing something seriously wrong: as in finding each piece of lead in the meat and eating it xD

atleast headshots should be more impactful at animals to like they did with the zombies
Headshots should be deadly

personally i agree that any headshot should be deadly, melee, ranged, human or bear. but given that we currently have damage based on impact site for players, maybe it will be added for animals:)

I guess when I originally wrote this I could have been a little more descriptive. Looking back i remember being in game and in a hurry and registered an account and put down the idea all while still on a server. I just wanted to get it down.
So, there’s a few situations in real life where it really matters how and what you use to kill an animal. For instance a few people mentioned that heart shots are actually more common for kill shots. I’m guessing it’s basically similar as far as coding goes to make a heart-shot deadly right?
In real life it would be stupid to take a shotgun to a pig at 4 feet away as you would have to spend a hell of a lot more time picking the shot out of the meat. You would also have a lot less cuts without holes/rips in it. That could result in less meat.
Maybe the challenge could be to get all of the shots in basically the same region and then you get a “clean kill” resulting in 100% of possible meat collection.
Also, as Mr. Knifey mentioned if you hit the bowels or spleen you can taint the whole abdomen area of the meat and it will be inedible by most modern humans standards. This all makes very good argument for having that translate into this realistic survivalist game. We all like challenges and therefore getting good at headshots on animals would be rewarding in more ways than one. and therefore you could end up with less meat in the game.
Also what Leon said gave me an idea. What if most animals could be headshotted [one or 2 shot kills] with most guns, but with bears it had to be only rifles and take 2? Or with bears you had to shoot them in the heart?
Sorry about the brevity on the original post. I just love the game and had just started playing!

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And I don’t know about any Tagg video, what’s that? I definitely am a huge fan of A.D.

Dumb idea. We already get fuckloads of meat by simply using a bone knife. There’s absolutely no need for this crap feature.

Mr Manager,

The bowels getting hit in the meat isn’t that bad as long as you flush and clean it quickly; I’ve known several people in my community who have eaten deer meat from a gutshot deer, and none of them have fallen ill/died. You should see the conditions that meat undergoes in a slaughterhouses.

Also, this is a pretty good little article about shots on a deer, and upsides/downsides:

If you look around, you will find that no experienced or ethical hunter will take a headshot. If you flinch, miscalculate your drop at long distances, you probably blow the animal’s jaw/nose off, and it will wander around in pain and bleeding to death. If they survive, there is a high chance that they will slowly starve as well.I still do like the idea of headshot damage as an increase, but I don’t think there should be a reward for headshotting one; especially if the reason is for realism.

you really think that is going to stay like that? the bone knife is glitched as hell, last time i used it you could get 200 cloth from a wolf with it, or 20 with a rock.