Idea: Naked body painting

I was playing as lonewolf in one of the server that are closest to my country. I was doing pretty good on my own, built a secret base near somewhere. And I always running naked around so other people wouldn’t be assume I was heavily armed.

One day, there was two airdrops some distance away from my base. Not too close and not too far, I manage to recover one of it and was shot by other group of people - The server admin and his gang of KOS player. So I quickly share half of my drop to other naked dude and hope he would lure them away from me. And I thought I made it back to the base safe and sound.

Except, it wasn’t. I did some crafting in my house and goes out to set them down, then the admin and his gang quickly shot me down without me knowing them stalked me all the way from the drop to my little base. And so my base was C4’d and completely useless pretty quick, so an idea spark in my head.

How about allowing the naked people to paint their own body in strips like green for woodland, brown/light brown for the mountain. So they are less noticeable but without the armor, if they want to put on their armor. The painting will be removed.

How’s that sound?

i can paint my dick in blue white red

This is great. Gives more incentive to go naked.

I can’t see why I wouldn’t be able to take some straw and glue or tie it to my clothes so that I can survive by hiding in the vegetation, in a hostile island where I might get killed by other people.
Oh and BTW the natural color of leather is brown, and I’m pretty sure any leather vest wouldn’t look like a sweater no matter what.

Well, more or less it is for balancing purpose. Giving fresh start people with nothing but rock, bandage and torch more chance to survive from KOS people who have M4/Bolt action/Shotgun, C4/Grenade and Large medkit that are wearing Kevlar. Making it not completely useless when being naked, either stealth with no armor or fully armored but very visible.