Idea: New point fixing roof

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Now the roof, in the form that are not called for, and not functional and most are more than cosmetic properties.
Also optional are put around the house, “skirts” - anti-ladder system in the form of horizontal areas.


Change the point of attachment of the roof, not the “nose” to the wall, and the back part of the roof to the “wall”

  1. Thus, we obtain the functionality of the roof, c combined function “skirt”
  2. Place on the block get free, as is the case with the old roof.

demo house

Like it :goodjob:

Roof tiles should definitely overlap a bit.

What if you don’t want to place it on the outter walls (leaving no overhang). Then you would be required to have walls in the interior of the base, something you may not want.

Ideally of course, to the construction, the roof changed the point of attachment, depending on the view during construction on “Inner Wall” - “Outter Wall”