Idea: New resources - sand and glass. Optics: binoculars, telescopes, infrared imagers

Taking into account, the last update, when the night really began as expected, hardcore …
Surfaced task is vital to survive the night.

Why not add recipes is now night vision and thermal imaging cameras.
I understand, it is difficult to do such things in terms of handicraftsmen, they shall fall from airdrops or rad town

It seems to me technically, this would be not difficult, through the wrapper shaders

[New resources]

The new resource - sand and glass.
Of stone can be mined sand. The drop rate of both high quality metal

The sand is melted in the oven and get the glass.

[Recipes optics]

**Binoculars **- increase x8
50 wood, 10 glass , 100 Metal

**Spyglass **- increase x4
100 wood 2 glass

Sight on the weapon - increase x4
100 wood 5 glass 50 metal

Night vision devices - Green spectrum. Visibility all around 100 meters
10 high quality metal 20 Glass 1 electric module 1 battery

Infrared imagers - Black and white spectrum. Visibility only living objects, torches, stoves 200m
20 high quality metal 10 Glass 2 electric module 1 battery

I can’t even find a miner hat bp

That’d be pretty awesome.

Also, I think that the ability to lay in the grass should be added.

Imagine someone in camo laying in the grass with night vision goggles on.