[Idea] New Server Type

Well, I have been doing some thinking, and I feel we need some hardcore survival servers. What this is is to remove all gunpowder weapons, remove gunpowder, remove explosives, and remove Kev, Rad suits, wood gate, wood gateway, and all metal structures including metal door. What left? Well, you have the bow, hatchet, Rock, cloth, leather, and wood.

I personally like this because you have to think and plan more for survival. You wouldn’t know if a bandit is camping somewhere with gunshots, or hear explosions from them breaking into a home. They could use a hatchet to break down doors, and or walls. The idea is to make it a little more realistic on the server. I think this would add a lot of dimension to the game.

There only problem with this is Wood Gates/Gateways cannot be taken down with tools. So to win on this server you would just need those around your base.

Well, we could take those out too. I will add that to the OP.

Sounds boring, you would run out of stuff to do

Nope. If done correctly, it would increase difficulty and bring in the bandits that really want a challenge. not only to farm houses, but to defend their base as well.

Defend their base full of the extremely valuable cloth?

Well, it would be valuable with all the guns and kev removed. It is your perception that gives it value.

Well, there are plugins you could use for this sort of thing, but the truth is there isn’t a lot of point to it. What I mean is, to make an explosive charge in game, it takes 15 explosives some sulfur and a flare, each of which takes a fair amount of gunpowder, low quality fuel, and metal. This makes C4 a time consuming creation, but it stands to gain you not only the materials you used to make it but potentially far more and even more charges to use in further raids.

If there was nothing but cloth and leather, you can get those or the materials to make those by hunting animals, it’s a lot easier to do and not really very time consuming. A server where there was nothing but cloth and leather out there to acquire would also make the game a much shorter affair to get to the point where you can readily craft everything in the game. Depending on how lucky you and your allies get, you may find that you go a week without stumbling across the specific gun you want (say, a bolt action) or the specific mod you want (a silencer). If you’re limiting crafting to leather armor, once you’ve learned all the recipes to all the pieces of leather armor you’re effectively out of new goals to set as far as item recipes go.