Idea: New zones, new zombies,

Hey another Ide from me,

why there is radioactive out there?

Cause Nuclear Holocaust!!!

So in future there will be a Big Rad zone center of map with very good loot an they nearer u get to the middle radioactive covers u!! like u go 10km rad goes evry 10min per 10 5km 50 evry 10min 3km 100 evry 10 min 1km 200 evry 10min 500meters 400 evry 10 min 500- Instant 500 rad and 500 rad evry 5 minutes
there are warnings who warn u about what u do!!

new zombies and mutations of them normal
“outbreakzombie” health little bit less then black green glowing if he hits u he will doo good dammage will add u 50rad he is speed :normal
“outbreakLurker” this guy is badass low health but super fast normal damage and adds u 50 rad
“outbreakBrawler” he is super super slow have massive health like double or tripple of black and he hit does onehit u even with kevlar or other armors added in future
“outbreakBlob” he is moderate fast has low health if he dies or if he rech an enemy he will explode and deal very good dmg and the ground is surrounded by radioactive mud
and other mutated animals!

so u definatly need a rad set to do this anti rad set protects u until u reach 500meters then u will get instant 200 and evry 150 evry 5 min so u can stay there 10min without dmg and anti rad medics rad adding attacks add 20 instead of 50 u can build in rad zone but u nee Plumbum(lead) that protects u from the rad and Pb is extremely rare!!! and very easy to grief bcaus Pb isnt a hard metal!!!

if a player dies there her corpse will spawn as a random zombie of this types and the player must wait for 5minutes to respawn at camp or anywhere

Try the suggestions sub forum see what people think there,
I mean its there for a reason

zombies are going to be removed in the future.

I’ll be of assistance and save you time.

yes but then it isnt that nice if they dont find anything else maybe in normal rade zone no zombies or other enemies but in the outbreak there should be mutations ^^

if a mod reads this pls move it;)