(idea) NPC based RTS gamemode

I put up a suggestion for an extremely simple NPC spawner that requires money to spawn an NPC, but I was told that was too simple. I figured I would describe something elaborate this time. This may be extremely complex, and that’s alright. It’s an idea.

This game mode is to create a rich RTS experience in which small teams split between factions and fought. (Teams of 1 to 3 players would be optimum)

You’d have a list of structures.

  • requires power

Power plant- Produces power
*Mass plant- Converts power to mass at a fixed rate.
Mass storage- Stores mass, raises resource cap.

War Factory- Produces NPC’s (Cost would be derrived from the NPC and equipped weapon)
Armory- Expands variety of weapons for NPC’s, and sells weapons and ammo to Players.
*Tech lab- Increases variety of NPC’s (IE prison guard, soldier, Super soldier)

*Turret- Fires at enemies. Customizable (
Wall- Slows or stops enemy advancement.
Tower- Climbable tower Players can snipe from, turrets can be put here.

Command & control
*HQ- Can be used to view visible areas of map from above, and issue commands from a top-down view of the map.(A player respawns in a friendly HQ when killed)
*Intel tower- Create a large area of visible land for HQ.
*Shroud tower- Create an area of map invisible(black shroud) to enemy HQ’s.
*Air strip- Allows you to call in air strikes for a price.

Housing- Raises population cap.
*construction camp- decreases build times.

In addition, a few features would exist. I might as well explain them in detail to be crystal clear.

-Resources include power and mass.
-Power is created in power plants and can not be stored.
-If power production meets power consumption, everything works.
-If power production does not meet power consumption, powered structures won’t work.
-Mass is created in Mass Plants and stored in Mass storage.
-Mass is needed to build and repair new structures and produce NPC’s.

Unit commanding
-One player per each faction would be a commander of NPC’s.
-Commanders use the HQ to select NPC’s to command.
-Commanders use the HQ to order NPC’s to move to selected positions.
-NPC’s will automatically attack enemies.(As they already do)

Air strike
-Air strikes would be purchased at air strips.
-Air strikes would be usable by the commander.
-Air strikes could only be used if the air strip has power and is not destroyed.

-A commander can only view space made visible by the presence of Intel towers and friendly units.
-Everywhere else on the map is black due to a “fog of war”
-area around a shroud tower is black so long as the shroud tower is powered, even if friendly units are within its range.

NPC creation
-NPC’s are spawned from the a factory
-A menu of NPC’s show options, with a drop down list of weapons. (like the spawn list)
-Each NPC requires an amount of mass to spawn
-Each weapon has a cost value which is factored into the price
-Each NPC type has a cost value which is factored into the price
-An NPC that does not use a weapon does not have a weapon cost. (IE headcrab)
-Each NPC fills up a portion of the population cap. (Bigger NPC’s fill up more, smaller fill up less)

-To build a structure, you must have mass
-To start construction, place a building and allow for it to construct over time.
-Building times may be lowered with construction camps.

Weapon store
-The Armory would spawn weapons for a price
-Ammo would be provided with weapons, and sold.

Building destruction
-Buildings would be destructible with fixed amounts of health
-buildings would be repaired using mass in the process
-larger buildings such as the war factory and HQ would have interiors that would house weak points.
-Destroying these weak points (C4 charge) would destroy the building

-Players would join a faction.
-Friendly NPC’s won’t attack friendly players.
-Friendly medics will heal friendly players.
-All NPC’s on a faction will have their AI set to be friendly with one another, regardless of previous orientation or actual NPC identity.

If I left anything out, I’ll try to include it later.

Anywho, this is merely an Idea, not a request. Maybe someone who’s working on a project will draw inspiration from this or something. Not sure.