Idea on fixing Griefing

I had an idea on how to fix griefing in Rust (When people will build onto your house or block your doorways etc. In an amazing mod named “DayZ Epoch” They have similar base building to Rust, and something you can get in Epoch (forgot the name) is a sign that disables other players from building within your base or around it. You would be able to craft this item in Rust with a certain amount of wood and it would disable other players from building within say a range of 50m from where this is placed. When you place it down it could allow you to type in someones name in Rust and it would allow whoever you type in to build within the radius. It could be any number of people. This would be easy to destroy so you can’t just plant it in the middle of nowhere or it would be destroyed, you must have it in a safe area, this would make it so if someone raids your house if they manage to destroy this they could take over the house.

So you say it would be great to have a magical forecefield that prevents other people from placing wood on the surrounding area?
Yea… I think i wouldn’t like that.

Well, if they use the idea a bit it could be good.

Yeah I got griefed today. it would be nice without griefing.

Maybe you guys should stop damn combat logging instead?

What if someone is offline when there raided.

Still wouldn’t stop people from griefing and using glitches so they can to get an edge. Logging out is perfectly fine.

I don’t see why we need to stop people from “griefing.”

I thought this was a survival game? I mean this idea could work on maybe a PVE server but I don’t see why you would want lack of survival on PVP.

And combat logging could be fixed by having your player still be on the server for 30 - 60 seconds after logging off?

I personally think grieving should be fixed… Tell me whats the point of having multistory complex when someone can just knock in your first few doors and then put a ceiling above your stair case -_-

I’m all for using barricades/destroying the stair case’s etc and using other objects to raid houses but when someone ruins a structure by grieving!@!@@!
Well why can’t i cover someones house in low grade fuel and set it alight with a match stick ???**

Like come on guys this Really Lets stop this griefing…

If you don’t like guys like me bashing down your front door try the PVE server.

While I feel this idea is a little stupid, I see the appeal, and at best suggest it be a tool in a server specifically for no raiding.

Raiders is just apart of the immersion, and having an anti build system would take away immersion, which garry clearly said he didn’t want.

On the topic of combat logging, it just seems reasonable to just keep it in, or barely change it at all. I feel if you can log out faster then they can find you, it’s kind of a Assassins Creed/Hitman styled “Oh well he’s hiding and/or got away” so to speak. I’m sure with the creation of the steam release that garry mentioned awhile back this might be fixed or changed slightly.

You can bash down doors on the PVE server as well, and you can raid and grief the exact same ways, you simply cannot kill anyone.

well, for something like minecraft, i liked the idea that you could plant a sign on a box or doorway to lock it from attack. however, this being Rust i am not sure a ‘safe-zone’ is something they may want to put in. not in the pvp servers anyhow. going outside your house to repair or hack down a barricade you or someone else put up would be part of the fear-survival.
grant you in saying that, i don’t approve of people just outright being D##ks to other players. i read a post a while back about some guy who had his door demolished while off-line and they put up a metal door in its place, preventing him from hacking through or getting out of his home on re-log.
you could put a ‘lockette’ system in to prevent this and make it so they have to blast through a wall, but that would take away aspects of the game that make it survival. your supposed to be a worried freaked out (pissed off) nakedman in your hut.
as irritating as it is to start off again, it would seem to be an aspect of the game to not only be subject to mini marilyn mansons running around hungering for flesh, but also every other player wanting to attack you to see what you’ve got.

i play alot of epoch i think it’s called a plot pole and all it doe’s it stop’s player’s from building 30 meter’s around your base is a good idea to be fair.

Bad idea… VERY bad idea. Im all for knocking the griefers down a peg or two, but adding an item/structure to blocking someone from build would not solve this… I could even see it making things worse.

For example, say you had started building… get your base half build, but the roof is still open. You plan to add more to it as soon as you can… Yet someone runs by with this ‘plot stick’ and hides it somewhere nearby, or even in your own home, yet hidden. Now your base is completely open for attack from above and you cant fix it.

Agree. This is an “organic”, player-driven and influenced survival game. In this game, the term griefing is way to subjective to tie a topic around.

Instead use your brain and actually convey, write-down, specifically what you would like to have adjusted, instead of acting like a child that cant express what it is they find dissatisfying. But a topic such as this with a title that is so homoginized, like “Idea on fixing Griefing”, is absolutely meaningless.

Now having said that, I do agree that if the topic were more along the lines of “A player-made structure foot-print”. . .a point that the OP eluded-to. . .and then go onto describe the situation and seek input from the community, it would be received more positively.

I addition to that addition, there is a combat-logging mechanic whereby the combat logger, if he logs within 30-seconds or so of being hit, will have his items stripped from his character upon logging back-in. . .this is so, I believe right now.

You don’t want your 7 story, ,multi complex uber base that’s the size of a city to get griefed. It’s easy.
Get some damned friends! And protect it!
There ain’t no “Magic forcefields” preventing me to put a stack of wood in my neighbours home, why would it be like that in the game?

No no no!!!

Don’t start comparing the game to real life… That just wont work.

Griefing when it comes to killing people without mercy, yeah, part of the game. Griefing people by ruining their houses by placing stuff, absolutely, that needs to stop. And that sounds like a great idea, taking that from Epoch.

To those complaining about magic forcefields, it’s about as logical as random piles of wood and zombies that drop metal ceilings.

Gameplay > Realism

Yeah cause spawning on a sleeping bag after you are killed is much more realistic. It ruins peoples game experience when everyone is griefing.