Idea: Permadeath servers

Now please read this before making a stupid reply.

What do you think of servers that after dying once, you were dead for good? There could be lots of different customization options.

It doesn’t even have to be permanent necessarily. For example, say you want to make a larger penalty for death then just respawning back into your tin fortress. Say you would be banned from the servers for a certain amount of time (1 hour, 24 hours, a week, any time period you want). You could also give them as many lives as you want (banned after 1 death, after 3 deaths, etc.)

Another practical use for this would be if you want to host some sort of PvP event. The server owner could set it so only the people participating have access to the server, and as the event goes on people die until there is a single person left. This way it is easy to tell who won. Then when the event is over they could start it again by resetting it (or unbaning everyone). I think doing this would be cool cause you could do a hungergames style thing with very large steaks, and have it go on for days until there is one winner.

I really like games with extremley challenging conditions, and I think making permadeath style options would add to that feeling of intensity that I oh so love about these kinds of games.

Now when I say banned I don’t mean banned from rust, I just mean you couldn’t access the server. And of course this would be an option to the discretion of the server owner, I understand most people probably don’t want this.

This seems more like an event-based thing more than a permanent feature of a server. Which pretty much puts it on lowest priority for the time being.

Because, honestly, if you spend a lot of time on a server with your friends, and all of a sudden, because you die, you can’t play with them anymore (even just for an hour), that sounds more like real life than a game, and games are supposed to be entertainment.

You’re literally punishing the player for dying. If you’re in my server and I don’t want you in it, I kickban you to punish you. This would automate that punishment.

Yeah the more I think about it the more I favor the event idea, where they die once and they’re out or they can have a couple of lives. It would streamline competitions and make it a lot easier for the server owner to keep track of who is winning.

I recall the warz when it had a mandatory respawn timer and that was pretty horrible, and not very fun. (although I wasn’t very good at the game at all)

As much as I like harcore and challanging games, this seems too much.
Immagine you are playing with 3 people, all friends. Then one of you dies cause of zombies. It will wruin the fun for all 3 of you. As ^^^ said. It is meant to be entertaining, even if it is a survival game.

But I agree, there should be more punishement if you die, maybe also blueprints would reset? Or I dunno… Something… :smiley:

I would like to play on server where if you die you can respawn immediately but as a new character.

No camp respawn option.
You lose access to all your previous structures (doors), all the inventory and blueprints.
You are naked and need to start all over again.

Deleting only blueprints is nothing as you just need to leave 1 piece of each item and a research kit at your base.

I really like this idea.
But about 70% of the Rust community will be extra pissed off at this. They will start complaining to the devs and stop playing the game until fixed/changed…

So Yea… Well, that’s just my opinion

Well if we had even one server for “freaks” like us it shouldn’t bother the carebears. I’m not suggesting it as a global change, but as an server option. We could call it “Iron Man mode”.

… “Iron man mode” Damn… I’m really starting to like this :smiley:

When you say it like that. I really see how this idea would work…
So +1 from me :smiley:

I’m pretty sure this could be accomplished just by hooking a bot up to rcon, listening for death messages, and then banning the poor fucker who died.

They just need to fix sleepings bags , call of duty respawn timers are stupid

… Wow. That attitude. :smiley:
I don’t really know shit about all these rcon console stuffy stuff…
I just like to say ideas :smiley:

On this side of the pond, colloquially using it in that sense does not mean that you have massive hostility towards the person being described. Imagine the sentence as reading “poor bastard”.

infestation mmo has this feature in “hardcore mode” it could be something server optional. I think its a horrible idea but im sure there would be plenty of people down to this on a private server.

and you think this of all things is any better?

I feel like deaths in Rust are way too common for this to be a thing.
I’ve played minecraft for quiet sometime and I’m familiar with the permadeath system.
But Minecraft is a heckalot easier than Rust!

Try playing Rust without dieing ever, that’s pretty hard on a PvP server.
Just getting clipped while you’re out mining naked, which normally wouldn’t matter, would be enough to get you permabanned because you died.

Hey, in collaboration with an Oxide mod developer, we’ve made a perma death mod server in OZ.

It’s pretty simple right now.

If you die, you are temporarily banned until the next server wipe.

Search for “perma death” in modded server or connect to in the console

or click this link to join through steam

(User was permabanned for this post ("Spam" - postal))

Sleep on the ground floor, get eaten by a bear, log in the next day to find you are banned?

Sounds like a great idea!

The general idea isn’t that bad but if it’d really be permanently, the server would die out way too fast.

I have a similar idea: If you die, you lose everything and start new on the server. You don’t remember any blueprints not the code locks, and your sleeping bags are gone (which are useless here anyway).

Of course you might remember your code lock and use your base again and you may know where you hid loot in those stashes, but the big penalty just that you lose your BPS, making it that you have to really worry about not dying.

This will make early-midgame much more important, not many players will be able to maintain staying in the end game.
More bow&arrow and revolver fights. :slight_smile:
What do you guys think about this?

How would this influence the game and the gap between rich and poor?
Any idea how you can make people not store AKs in case they die for re-researching purposes? It’d be cool if you wouldn’t have access to your stuff anymore, unless you raid your own previous base…

Like you can only go through doors when you have building privilege, you lose building privileges when you die or something…

They also had a completely bullshit paywall up to reset the timer, as well as a ton of other paywalls

servers are going to put up paywalls to have the timer reset, no less

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