[Idea] Professions

Hi, I have an idea for professins ingame, like before the “zombies” came into the world everybody probably had a job they were great at, so my idea is to get some professions ingame which you can choose between, like for example: doctor / nurse / medic will make health kits faster / takes less resources or something, or might have greater chance to finding the items that is needed for this? another ex: hunters would get “cut the animal” up faster because he had a profession which made him do this earlier in his life.

I don’t really know if I would want to change profession everytime I died or if I want it every time I rejoin, or just choose one profession that I have all the time, and maybe we could get a free change if it’s that we choose just one time :slight_smile:

This is just an idea and I would like to see it ingame when i get Rust :smiley:

(Sorry if it is hard to understand me as I am Norwegian and I am not like ultra good in English)


Player skill in doing things should be based on what the player enjoys doing, or has done long enough to know how to do it quickly. Rather than adding silly limitations like “classes,” which are gameplay elements more apt for roleplaying games, and not survival; players should focus on just doing a handful of things, like “cutting up animals” because they have access to the proper tools to do so, or because they have done it long enough that they both enjoy doing it and know how to do it.

A person who focuses on farming wouldn’t want to or be able to cut up carcasses of animals because they lack tools, access to animals, don’t want to, or because they don’t know how. It makes people restricted to what they can do, not based on arbitrary and silly class systems, but rather on their actual skills and interests.

I’m not sure if I fully understand your comment, but what I mean is that they have a profession in their past so they’re a little better on doing something that they had in the profession before zombies came, I only mean that they would be faster / takes less resources in the profession they choose, in the other professions that the player doesn’t have they would have the same speed / same resources as they use now.

Basically only thing that would change is how many resources for the item to be made or how long it would take for the item to be made.

What I’m saying that professions are ingame methods of trying to pretend players have prior knowledge of the skill, when their real life knowledge should be the real method by which people do things well.

Say Tom knows all about farming, so when he plays Rust he knows how to farm well and quickly because he has real experience and skill at it, and enjoys it. He could still cut up carcasses, but he doesn’t, because he doesn’t want to, doesn’t enjoy it, or doesn’t know how.

Obviously this means that these things need to be much more complicated and revamped to be more challenging, but it’s better than saying “by clicking this button, your character will have ‘existing knowledge’ of something before the game so they can do something faster.”

It creates a rift between the player and his character.

So what you’re basically saying is that making a profession he had before the “zombies” came, and he still knows how to do all the other stuff, would make the profession stupid because he knows how to do everything? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont turn this game in to dark rp please.

You’re kind of understanding.

What I’m really saying is that by adding arbitrary restrictions like “experience” or “skills” instead of relying on the real player’s knowledge is silly since a survival game is about the player learning how to adapt, not having everything based on roleplaying-esque bonuses to doing things.

Hahaha, that’s not what I ment Toyhobo, I ment they still can do everything the other professions can do but not as fast / cheap, what I ment was they have something they do faster than the other stuff they can do.

The other thing instead of professions I would like as much or even more would have been a skill-system.

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But a skill system where when you do something you’re starting to learn it and gain experience it over creating items or whatever and you level up in that skill so you’re doing that faster then? Would that be something you would like in the game tho? :stuck_out_tongue: (Skill would have to have a max level tho in my opinion)

But what I’m saying is, the player who is behind the keyboard should be the one whose skills determine how well he does ingame, rather than coding in “skills” for players.

For instance, if I play rust, I know that if you get cut you should disinfect the laceration with strong alcohol, so I would ingame pour some vodka on the cut and bandage it. Tom doesn’t really care, or know about bacteria, or doesn’t have the items to do so, so he just bandages the cut.

He gets an infection and dies, I don’t.

There, real player skill and experience plays into how well they survive, rather than arbitrary “skill points.”

Well, I am starting to dislike the idea of a profession / skill system now, I haven’t really played Rust yet, but you have a really good point :slight_smile:

This isn’t an RP game. NONE OF THIS

This was not ment as a roleplaying function, for ex: in minecraft you don’t have any skills that you will level up but you do get better items which does so you do stuff faster, I haven’t really seen any items in game that does so you chop wood faster, mine faster, get meat etc faster, so what my idea was for is actually to do so you can do something faster because you have experience with it, I totally understand that you think this is a rp function, but as I said I mean so either you get experience with ex chopping wood and other stuff so you can do it faster, or some items which would do it faster. or have less fail rate on it or something :slight_smile:

Doing things faster/better should be based on the players’ actual real life knowledge, better tools and items that are in better condition, or through some physical player concepts like how well fed the player’s character is, or how much stamina they have. That would obviously have to be done in a realistic and non-roleplaying-game way.

Yeah, I never really ment to get something roleplaying related stuff into the game, but what you said with how well fed the player is, that is something which is smart :slight_smile: