[IDEA]@ Proposal for another USE OF PAPER in the game! @

Not to make the post too long to read - I think adding new crafted item called “Small Sign” / “Small Note” would give the item “paper” new life.
What is it all about?**
It would require some paper and wood - player would be able to write his own ~20 words on it - like “No trespassing here” / “Keep away from my home” / “Beware - I will shoot at all strangers” etc. and place it on the ground!

Why? What for?

  1. You gave us the possibility to build at our own - we would like to give our places a name! It’s one of those things that make us humans.
  2. Player would also be able to place the sign/note into one of the boxes in a raided house - like “Raided by Dark Brotherhood” / “Revenge from [player name]”.
    U would need to add a limit of signs set as people would start spamming them due to low cost etc.

Sounds like a good idea, but I think the developers already have something similar in mind.

This is a good idea.

I also can’t wait for dyes so you can change stuff color, ways to change your base color too; vehicles (this will be the orgasm); new types of buildings like tents(just something to hide so very well that no one will ever find ur bed/wood storage box), tree houses and concrete constructions and more.

On a side note, I gotta say that I really liked runescape back in the day. I prayed everyday for a standalone (non-browser) version of the game and Rust is the most similar thing I could find and I wish more things from that game could be incorporated to Rust.

Love y’all !


True, but that doesn’t make it any less of a good idea. As it stands, paper is literally useless. It either needs to be removed, or used for something else. I love this idea, and have for a while, because the applications are limitless. Put a threat on someone’s door. Label what floor of your house you’re on, or label your crates for faster organization. Leave a note to the person you just raided.

It’s a good idea, all around.

Why cant we have like a bladder function in game so I can actually drop a shit and use the paper to wipe with?

Perfect imho.

Or then they’re going to put racist/stupid stuff like “I like dicks”

For the time being, I think the least they can do is let us put it in the furnace and actually let it burn.

“Next time place foundations and pillars around the base. With love, Your friendly raider”

Imagine body’s are lootable as chests. I would raid the base of someone, take everything, destroy every wall and would build a circle arround his base and fill it with zombies or Wolfe’s and the lonely two things I would give the person would be a 9mm with 3 bullets and a little note:“Lets play a game”

there is a Suggestion Subsection… (omahgawd people are unable to read properly and handle a simple forum layout)


Toilet paper.

and then you would get people being racist and sexist

all tho i actually like this idea as i like to orginize my inventory , i would also like to see paper used for notes

as in you cna laeve behind a message on a wall or what not and pin it there until someone comes across it either that or the note or bit of paper dose not de-spawn

but that could cause lag issues with mass dropping paper everywhere


You know what I think would be awesome? The ability to put up bounty-posters. Basically, you get research papers, and pull resources on top of the research papers, and get “Blank Wanted Posters” from there you put the name of someone you want dead, and put the posters up on trees, walls of buildings, and normal wood/metal walls.
Would allow for a form of vigilante justice.

That might also be a great idea for using paper. ;]