Idea regarding the wolf monument landmarks

Hello, so im seeing these big wolf monument things in different locations around the map, and so far there seems to be no correlation between the monuments. But what if for navigation, finding friends ect. you make it so the wolfs point toward another monument? Like im at 1 monument, my buddy finds 1. then 1 can stay put and the other can follow the direction of 1 monument to the other, if hes not at that 1, then head for whatever 1 that is pointing toward and so on. If theres say 3 or 4 of em on the map you can make a circle and eventually find eachother. If they already do this or something then ignore post :slight_smile:

You could just remember the local layout in the vicinity of the landmark and orient yourself that way.

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In conjunction with a map you would find it hard to get lost.

The wolf monument is a test of the landmark system the devs are developing. Designing them to point in some sort of circular path is needless.

Plus, how would you decide which of the other monuments on the map to point at? They’re distributed all over. They might as well all be facing north every time, or just random directions.

Landmarks could be anything: radtowns, abandoned fuel tanks, the ruins of a gas station, a toxic swamp, whatever. Right now, for testing, the landmark system generates wolf monuments and caves (since caves aren’t yet fully procedural, last I heard).

All pointing north could actually be quite helpful for navigation.

Or you could just have a compass item in-game, which would be much more realistic …

Compass? Too easy, use the sun and shadows.

Toxic Swamp? its funny that i never saw an Idea like that in the Forum

Think the point of monuments is that they are place holders for us to put in the game. Or server owners. Not sure how it’s going to work. I’m sure there will be some reward around them… and they will have some type of radiation.

In any case, I built on one tonight :slight_smile:

Don’t call the wolf stuatues a “test” that implies they will be removed at some point. Keep them around! Maybe make it so each world only generates 1 wolf statue, somewhere.