[IDEA/REQ] Not Free addons ?

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Just dont, okay?

Pay for addons? Not really plausible.

Having people donate to you for doing work for them? It’s a labor fee.

An optional donate button (transferring money from your Steam wallet into their Steam wallet) would be nice, but requiring a donation/purchase to use an addon would be bad for Gmod in my opinion.

How retarded. ¬.¬

on the official terms of use for GMod it says:

so you can legally sell your addons elsewhere, but if garry says to stop, you have to.

This is such a bad idea, if this were to happen I could see so many people jumping on the bandwagon, stealing others work and selling it. Developers make addons because they enjoy doing it for free.

Seeing as Garry’s Mod is a sandbox game, I feel add-ons should share the free spirit of the game itself. When I produce and distribute my work through toybox or the workshop, its because I want to share my creations with those who will enjoy them. Comments and thumbs are all I want in return. : D
I’ll agree a donation option would be nice though…

Yeah I don’t think that purchasable addons in GMod would be a good idea. Garry’s Mod is already playing the role of the not free addon.

If you really want to make money, make a really good addon (wiremod level stuff), make a homepage and get revenue from ads. EOF.



I’m not, in any way, going to “purchase” an add-on. Not only does it create a limit of the spectrum of addons that can be downloaded for many people, but there are pirates who pirate others’ work and sell them (Piracy level quintupled). Also, you don’t want to sell that stuff (unless you’re extremely greedy) anyway, THEY’RE LITTLE BITS OF CODE!

Not quite the message I got from it. But yeah… :v:

Also, this means that EVERYTHING in the addon needs to be by you. i.e., if it uses Counter-Strike/Half-Life/Portal/TF2/other Valve game textures, you can’t charge a penny for it.

Of course you can - you just don’t ship them with your addon