Idea : Riding a horse and binoculars

Hi , i want to propose a idea for Facepunch !

Food can taim horse , move slowly give carrot and after craft saddle ( with leather , metal ) and on the horse equip the saddle and can equip small bag on the right side of the horse , for stock more farm . The horse can be steal by other players and steal farm in the small bag .

After , can be find binoculars in radtown , or with xp system , binoculars can be craft with two x4 sights , and 20 metal fragments . Binoculars can be use with right clic of the mouse when binoculars is in the hand .

Good Bye

Ps: I’m not English sorry for too many mistake

I totally agree with the binoculars part. But what would make it different than the normal 4x scope? I would say it would be easier to get, but again you’re saying that you need 2 4x scopes to make them. That would be not easier to get, so what are your ideas about that?

Riding a horse would be awesome. It would also give a great way to travel, to raid them and it gives another thing to spend hours in farming (taiming them). But it also has some drawbacks like:

  • The maps are too small to use them, you’ll be able to hunt everyone down who hasn’t got a horse. So newmans are even more vulnerable. (suggestion: make the maps larger (not even 4k, but 5k, with more monuments)
  • If you’re able to use weapons on while riding a horse it makes it too damn overpowered! (suggestion: you’re not able to use weapons on a horse)
  • How do you store them? Like if you’re about to leave your horse to farm something or to get into your house? Do you have to make a place where you can attach their ropes. And how about when you’re leaving the game, are they just possible to be taken away by other players?
  • Are they able to enter through a doorway? So that you can take them in your home.
  • How rare are you thinking the horse has to be? Like 1 out of 10 players should have them after some time or like 1 out of 5?

These are just some things that came along my mind. I would love the horse riding, but it has to be balanced really good. So I would like to see your suggestions and your balancing when it comes down to this idea. Probably Gary and his team will consider it much faster when it is a well thought idea.

Thanks for your help , i think that

For the binoculars you are right , maybe decrease the craft cost , with two 2x lens can be craft with 5 hq
the binoculars zoom must be less powerful than the x4 scope

Yes it’s true , increase the map size of 10%
use weapon on horse can be so cheat , but use spear and sword on horse can be balanced ( i think ) ,
add fence for keep them in your base , and add special door for horse .

And for the horse i think 3 out 5 for very end game player .

That’s looking much better man! I like it! Would be really good if they implement such things! I don’t like the idea of cars, because it will make rust more of a race game! So something like this idea is doing well in my opinion.

And with that fence idea; maybe they can make it even possible to catch pigs and chickens. Which will provide mini pigs (and thus meat) and eggs. But they are really busy with all the great stuff they’re doing now (with the plants). So if they delay considering this idea to 2017 or 2018 it would make sense!

Yep , i hope

Car it’s not a good idea , because all end game player , use car for carkill beginner

But , the idea of fence for mini pig , and eggs it’s very good idea , and add fishing in rust .

Actually the binocular is quasi exist in the game. Ok, it’s not a binocular, but sometimes you can find a camera in the airdrop (which is not a craftable item) and it’s working like a 4x ocular without any “action” function (scope on rifle nor take a picture), it’s just good for checking the area with max. 4x zoom.
But I’m agree with this idea and it doesn’t look a big developing to change it to a binocular with better view/zoom resolution.

Well, I think binoculars could be made out of the camera with a scope attached on it.

But tbh, I think the bino’s should have a stronger magnification than the 4x scope, for balance sake.

I mean, why would you need binoculars if they are weaker than an attachment for a weapon? A sniper would see you quicker than you him.

A self made binocular could have max 6x-8x, while a found, uncraftable one would be 16x with a zoom ability. Atleast that is how I think.

Weaker than a 4x scope , but less costly , and not need a gun for use , and it’s more cool have a real 3d model for the binoculars .

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Yep , good idea Bush , maybe 8x binoculars ?

How is a horse going to hold binoculars?

dont know about them binocular horses, but i would love to ride binoculars (and horse) :smiley:

i like the idea of having some cheap binoculars for players who cant afford to craft weapons with scopes. if you see someone in the distance you could get a better idea if he/she has better gear than you (so you know if worth robbing or to stay hidden). and maybe some “military grade” binoculars that have zoom?

instead of horse i want a boar, no. I NEED a big armored war hog to ride battle with.

i found a usable camera one time. thats was fkn awesome. i would looooove to have some sort of low powered telescope

The horse will get sniped… because it’s Rust.

When shooting nakeds is fun for most advanced inhabitants, imagine how rewarding shooting a unicorn running by would be. And i bet they shoot the horse only, just to see how the rider reacts. Will it call for the salt king or just walk away in disappointment? Considering the time and effort it took to tame one, i’d expect a salty scenario more likely.

You’d really need some horsey-armor along with the horse itself. Though, clipping through and up the mountain walls with one would really be useful i recon. And ofc, it would find good use in a Roleplay server, but in your regural Rust server, the horse is something else.