Idea: Rust Drug Trade

I got this idea a while back when I first saw the explosives bluprint and noticed it looked like a brick of cocaine. What could be added is a consumable drug that has both positive and negative effects. For example: Positives: Slight increase movement speed, increased gather speed, slightly decreased damage taken when shot ect Disadvantages: Slightly decreased weapon aim, can become addicted to cocaine then you get sick you become slower ect unless you constantly consume more coke.

Now we can think how this could change gameplay: Can you imagine raiders jumped up on cocaine running through the desert, drug dealers, rival drug gangs, drug wars, wars again cocaine. Basically a bit like Braking Bad but with coke. Blue coke anyone?

Please let me know what you think :wink:

I quite like the idea, but I don’t think FP will go for it, lol…

I don’t really like the idea but I have some thoughts about it:

1 dose/rust day makes you 5% faster
2 doses/rust day additional make you 10% more resistant to physical dmg but messes with your aim
3 doses/rust day additional make you gather 5% faster but makes you addicted. Being addicted means you get massive shaking of the screen (randomly) and random dmg if you don’t take another dose within 1 rust day.
4 doses/rust day additional makes you immune to cold or heat but you get hungry even with 100 food what results in small dmg over time and it messes with your vision and sound.
5 doses/rust day kill you instantly because of overdose

I’d love to see raiders droping like flies outside of my base because of overdoses …

Allow us to eat mushrooms. Like ancient vikings before battle.

I want to chop someones leg because i dont like the angle its on

Huh? Have you already been eating those mushrooms?

doesn’t need to be coke. could be adrenaline, from the med-syringes:)

Why a drug trade? With all the mushrooms growing all over the place, you could just pick your own.

u dont watch vikings show do you?

Dude we are NOT addicted to cocaine!
Anyway … U got some?

Drugs in game… Mb just to drug a coooked meal then let it eat other player :slight_smile:

Lol, that’s fucking hilarious. I want that on a T-shirt.

Challenge Accepted.

Another mod waiting to be made…

…a 12vie would say the explosives look like a brick of cocain