Idea: Safes and Faster Crafting via Workbench

Just got some ideas that might be cool.My First Idea is safes which are really strong and can be only opened by the 4-digit code you put.
My second idea is that items that don’t require a workbench be crafted faster if your players is standing next to the craft bench.
Hope you like these ideas :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure the dev team is focusing on making homes more secure rather than storage. Workbench is neat but it’s so easy to craft that you’ll need more types of workbenches.

What they should implement is being able to form party’s with friends creating Teams, or Groups as a “safety for friendly fire,” unless you like to betray the people you just meet and shoot them in the face after telling them your friendly. Also there should be an unexplored Map/Mini Map Icon you can explore and learn/research land points/structures/objects to remember and… torches to put on walls, cough. Minecraft cough*

I totally agree with the parties or groups. I really think its necessary not only for the combat aspect but it could also be implemented to share doors. I hope more people get on board with this idea it will greatly improve the game.

They already said no to this idea, so it’s pointless requesting it.

What they WANT to do is make it so groups are identified however the players want - for instance, by all wearing the same color shirt (kind of like gangs in real life).
As for doors, they said they would implement locks. I’m hoping they implement two kinds - physical keys, and combination locks. A safe base would have physical key locks on the outer layer, and combination locks on the inner layer. You quickly get in and lock the door, then you have time to enter the combination. Even if an attacker has your key they still have to solve the combination.

So the idea is you distribute keys to your group as well as combinations. Might even keep a store of premade keys, so when you gear up to leave you grab a key.

I hope its not just a physical key. You would always have to keep a key on you and if you die then people are allowed to enter you house. What if you died out in the world and your sleeping bag was on CD, so you spawn outside. You would then be locked out of your own house

IT may work better to have a “keyring” that is seperate from your own inventory and other players cannot see it when they kill you. It would have to retain through death as well.

Clearly you never read past the first two sentences. Please read before you reply.

The best situation is to implement BOTH combination locks AND physical keys. Physical keys for the outer layer (for fast entry), combination locks for the inner layer (for security).
If your sleeping bag is destroyed and you get locked out, well… your stuff is probably all gone anyway (stolen). Might as well start fresh. It’s part of the game.
You could also include an extra combination lock entrance with no physical key layer, so you wouldn’t use it if you need fast entry, but you might use it in case of emergency (don’t have the key)

I think safe’s would be a great idea, maybe they could allow another smaller type of explosive made just for them or something so as not to ruin the actual raiding feel and allow people to still loot.

EDIT; Also about the keyring idea someone posted above, maybe they could include that but add it so you had to craft the keys you gave out to other players also.

I’d rather leave it the way it is than have to manage keys all the time. Besides most people will have their stuff secured by multiple metal doors so there would be a good chance of keeping some of your stuff. Another thing is that a good amount of people that raid houses just want the loot and aren’t going to block your doors afterwards because its too time consuming. Your suggestion would make it far to easy to lose your house to raiders. all they would have to do is destroy your sleeping bag and You have to start completely over. Yes dieing and starting over is a part of the game but you shouldnt have to consistently rebuild a house every time it gets raided.

Once again, are you completely incapable of reading past the first few sentences?

Specifically, the last line I typed.

You could also include an extra combination lock entrance with no physical key layer, so you wouldn’t use it if you need fast entry, but you might use it in case of emergency (don’t have the key)

If you want to re-gain entry to your house, just build an extra entrance with a combination lock. Write down your combination somewhere, et voila you have entry to your house even if you die.

I read your post, thanks. I’m saying it would be better to not even have keys rather than have to create a series of doors and combinations. IF you think the key thing is a must then it would be better to just have it non-lootable and persist through death. much simpler. Another idea would be so that once you enter the correct combination one time then that door is always unlocked for you

The other option is to have combinations you “remember”. If you enter the combination on a door successfully, you’ll remember that combination. As long as you continue using that lock, you’ll keep remembering the combination. If you don’t open it for too long, however, you’ll “forget” and have to re-enter the combination.

Yeah, I like this idea

I think a ‘safe’ type item, that can be crafted, is a great idea. Especially in the current situation. Make them difficult to craft. That way people still have to store stuff in regular crafted boxes, as well as on their character. Minimize the amount of slots in the safe. This will help those of us that have managed to create a nice, secure home but keep getting robbed by people no-clipping.

The more i think about this the more I dont think it would work. IF they are completely protected from being opened then it makes raiding pointless to a certain extent which is a major part of the game. If they are openable through explosives then it would just be better to place your items in a regular crate behind a series of metal doors. Yeah it would help with hackers but they will be gone eventually. there isnt really a point in using temporary workarounds for hackers

If you’re going to lock your safe, you might as well lock your home instead. Same thing, really.

I say wait on the safes and protecting. Aren’t they trying to avoid the whole hide all your stuff away and never get raided aspect of the game?