Idea: Second Medical System

In the Legacy everyone uses Medkits.
Medkits are really Modern if you think about, Here my Idea

When i saw this thread
about “Urban Gardening” how about planting healing herbs which could be used in crafting “Rust like Medkits”, i also thought about plating food.

Its a new Objektiv, To build a garden

some reply`s to the Idea please

I think the regeneration of life has to be slow and use almost nulla deviersos types of ointments and medicines which accelerate natural regeneration of health.
some ointments and natural / improvised medications:
tree sap
fermented fruit (disinfectant)
cloth (bandages)
cloth and wood (tourniquet)
Electrical wire or cable (sewing Wounds) and he will find or manufacture
Aloe (healing)

good luck with the idea and sorry my bad English

pienso que la regeneracion de vida tiene que ser lenta casi nulla y utilizar deviersos tipos de unguentos y medicamentos naturales los cuales aceleren la regeneracion de salud.
algunos unguentos y medicamentos naturales/improvisados:
savia de arbol
fruta fermentada (desinfectante)
tela (bendajes)
tela y madera (torniquete)
alambre or cable electrico (coser eridas) e puede encotrar o fabricar
Aloe (cicatrizante)

buena suerte con la idea

sulli, what are you actually asking?

the title is “second medical system” then you start talking about planting food?

I like this idea. So you could plant things like aloe Vera which in real life helps disinfect wounds and helps them heal. Maybe if you in the game it could help heal you, or stop shorten your bleeding time if you don’t have a bandage. Or if illness and viruses are implemented in it could lower the chance of infection or illness or it could just stop it all together.

I like the idea, I think having a garden would be great, especially for growing healing herbs. Roughly 50%+ of all pharmaceuticals are either from plants, have active ingredients concentrated from plants, or have synthesized components that were originally found in plants

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A lot of times a healing herb and a food are the same thing. Dandelion comes to mind. The leaves can be eaten and the root is a good diuretic.

thanks, i now get what he was trying to say;)

i agree with it in a base form. i would like to see a few different types of plants that can be used for antidotes, poisons, healing, food and stimulants, but think any system needs to be relatively simple, ie find this plant, mix with this plant rather than this plants root.

it can be surprisingly hard to grow certain plants outside of their normal ecosystem though. maybe they could provide seeds, or cuttings, but only be planted in the same type of biome as they spawned. or just go wild harvest instead.

One Day i will have a Perfect fluent english i swear to god! :smiley:

i like this idea too

Don’t worry about it too much. So many people living in US don’t even have perfect English :wink:

So all of these things mentioned above would be great to use if you had an infection or poisoned yourself with, let’s say, human meat. Contracting illnesses and diseases would be hugely possible. But as far as using things like aloe vera to heal you in pvp? No. Rubbing herbs on a gun shot wound or stab wound would do nothing. Especially in the 5-10 second interactions with people trying to murder you. So we still need the medkits or something like “hp potions” in other games to quickly stop your bleeding and regenerate some health.

the reality is though, unless you had some kind of magic “hp potion” you would likely die if injured under these circumstances. you got shot with a bullet? provided it didn’t hit anything vital or do damage that will lead to further complications, there is still a huge chance of infection in the wound.

hits a major artery or vein? you’re probably gonna bleed out unless you know how to apply appropriate pressure to slow the bleeding and give yourself a chance to stop leaking vital juices all over the place. bodyshot? may as well suicide. odds are you will leak into your abdominal cavity and die of infection or internal bleeding if you were shot in the abdomen, and in the chest odds are your lung(s) collapses or your heart ruptures…

as much as a hp potion is better to play with, there is not really a quick fixing system that is realistic. some leaves are styptic(will stop bleeding) some have natural antibacterial properties, and some are poisonous. players would need to use trial and error or experience to live through an injury. i personally like the idea of it being very easy for us to die. or more accurately, harder to get back to full health without dying.

Having infinite medpacks and bandages on hand wouldn’t, in reality, do much for you during a gun/knife/whatever fight. And a deadly wound is often not entirely incapacitating at that moment. (i.e., internal bleeding, infection)

Regardless, for gameplay purposes, a root or walk effect (like building in legacy) for a duration after “using” the medpack/bandage would make someone think twice before applying 1st aid during a fight.

i think we are saying the same thing, that it’s not realistic to be able to recover instantly from wounds.

that said, i’d debate the incapacitation aspect. some injuries would directly affect your ability to move, such as leg injuries of any kind(which admittedly are unlikely to be directly deadly unless you catch the big artery in the thigh), and traumatic abdominal injuries(which would likely lead to internal bleeding +/- infection as well as hampering your ability to move).

what i meant by infection etc is that its probably not realistic to be able to heal AT ALL after a certain amount of damage, unless we introduce primitive medicines that might give us enough of an edge to survive. that said, internal bleeding is basically a death sentence if it is severe enough without surgical intervention, so that might render it all pointless, ie more sensible to have a player bleed to death without any ability to “bandage” and staunch the bleed if they take 80% damage…