IDEA: Serious Prison Role Play

Yeah, I am not too sure if there are any gamemodes out like my idea but I am sure there are some out along the lines of my idea just not so ‘into depth’. Anyways, I thought it would be cool to have a SERIOUS prison roleplay gamemode. Pretty much all new members would be forced to be a prisoner. Admins, Vip’s, and people with x amount of hours played can choose to me prisoners or guard on entry to server. The only downside is this mod would need a custom prison map made. First I will list ideas for the game mode, then ideas for the map.

Gamemode Ideas:
-Prisoners would be equipped with fist.
-Prisoners can purchase stuff from a General Store NPC including a dumbbell, health packs, a radio, etc.
-Prisoners would have a health bar and a stamina bar.
-Prisoners would lose health if they got in a fight or got attacked for attempting to hurt a guard.
-Prisoners can gain strength by working out.
**(Possibly make a ‘weapon’ which skin is a dumbbell and every click would lift it up. After x amount of lifts, you would gain 1 strength. Once you achieve so much strength you can use a lock pick to pick doors to find a way to attack a guard and possibly kill him.
-Preferably a ‘dirty guard’ NPC or a Prisoner NPC where prisoners can buy materials to make lock picks and shanks (although shanks would need to be expensive to prevent people from RDM’ing guards and acting like minges).
-Prisoners would gain x amount of dollars every so often (like a paycheck in any other RP server) but the money would be like 'You received a letter included with x amount of dollars). This money would be used to purchase the goods for lock picks and equipment for shanks.
-Guards would be equipped with fist, keys, baton, taser gun, and service pistol.
-Guards would watch over prisoners to make sure they are not making or posses items such as shanks, make sure prisoners are not lock picking a door to attack a guard, prevent fights and riots, etc.
-There will also be a NPC for a guard to purchase a bigger gun (m4a1 or scout).

Map Ideas:
-Map would be pretty big due to the fact that it would need enough cells to hold up to 50 people.
-Each cell can hold up to 2 people.
-Cells should be detailed with a bunk bed, a toilet, and a sink and a little bit of walking space.
-A yard for prisoners to hangout in and converse and make plans during free time
-A button for guards to shut cell doors
-A room with a few solitary cells
-Obviously a walkway that is gated off for only guards
-Possible 2 guard towers to look over the yard for when the prisoners are on their free days.

That is all I can think of for now but if I think of any more I will update post

Also, If you have a suggestion to my idea, please feel free to state it in the thread or pm me on forums and i will be more then happy to add it to my post. Also, I would like to hear peoples opinion on my gamemode idea.

Sounds great, but here are mah changes/improvements.

  1. Nope. They should have to make shanks out of their lunch trays, desks, etc. Health packs could be stolen from the Guard’s offices, and dumbells could be gotten on request (for personal use) if you obeyed prison rules. This may conflict with #6, see below.

** Or it could be a vehicle of sorts, you press E to get in (bench press or lifting rack)and m1 to lift. I don’t know what strength has to do with lockpicking, I’ve seen a person pick a lock before, you don’t need that much. Strength sou;d be used for breaking down doors, digging, and choking/fighting guards.
6. This way is easier than making one, but is more risky.
7. Or you could sell other inmates drugz or tatoos to earn money.
9. Not all the time, the prisoners have to have a chance.
10. Or a prison armory.

Other ideas/improvements-
-When joining server for the first time (ever), prisoners start in a bus. If they have already played, they spawn in an empty cell.
-Inmates could gain smarts by reading in the library on how to tunnel/make locks, making it easier/quicker/less risky when they actually do it.

Liking your inputs :slight_smile:
And I agree with your ideas.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I am curious if anybody would ever possibly start this project.

Decent idea,but here are my suggestions.
3.Lockpicking doesnt count on strength,unless you are trying to break down the door. You need “agility” and “intelligence”.
4. There should be a different currency for prisoners (maybe cigarettes) and for guards ($$).

This is actually a pretty good idea, I hope it ends up working out.

Well not cigarettes because in prison, prisoners actually get money from their families which they can purchase stuff from a general store like food and goods but I figured I did not want a hunger mod for prison because that would make it way to much then I am looking for, so that is why I figured they can use there money to purchase stuff for bad items from a prisoner npc.

But I am glad you like my idea.

All seems good but one thing I am wondering is. What happens once the prisoner/prisoners escape I don’t see any goal here.

So this is a couple of prisoners beating each other up, then one buys a assault rifle from a guard which is completely unrealistic, shoots the nearest 3 guards and starts shouting riot in his mike in a kiddy voice.

Thats how I think this would play out.

Edit: Jail break is alot more fun than this and you dont have to pretend to be serious until you get a gun.

No, inmates don’t fight each other, its a waste of time. And guards shouldn’t sell guns.

Guards wont be able to sell guns because they wont be able to drop them or holster them etc. Also the prisoners cant escape… And the inmates would not fight each other. They would work together to possibly get a specific guard killed. They would only fight against each other if they are in a riot. I also think being able to make a gang for x amount of dollars (if you meet the respect requirement) and you can recruit other members into your gang (almost like org’s on perp).

I’ll code the entire game mode for $100.00 USD. Because no one will do it for free.

Can you code it and allow demo before paid for?

You could always test for him.

If I was better I would. Coding must not be fun to you.

Cool idea, I’d try it out.

Isn’t something like this already being made? Xero community I think is the name

Finally a new idea!


  1. Guards have trank guns which ragdoll prisoners for 10 seconds.
  2. Prisoners can only gain money by doing “jobs”, dragging heavy cargo from one area to another for a small amount of cash (it would cost stamina), cleaning toilets (every ten minutes, a toilet would become dirty again), and possibly “mining”, if there was some outdoors map where the prisoners have to work on a labor camp.

Fuck no. but instend it should freeze the player instend of turning into a stupid ragdoll.

I want the option to rape other prisoners in the shower

Dick swep, primary fire to thrust, secondary slaps :v:

if i can come with an idea.

as jacos said you should get money from the guards by doing jobs cleaning toilets evy 10 min and if you choose to use them while thay are dirty there will be a 50% chance to get sick and when you are sick you should have only half life and half stamina half evy thing so you will become a easy tarket if odther gangs are trying to kill you also there should be weapons

pipe Melee weapon does 25 Hp Damage No effect

knife Melee weapon does 25 Hp damage Effect: Slow down tarket so thay only can walk

Glock to shoot with does 50 Hp damage effect: nothing

p228 to shoot with does 55 hp accancy Low. Effect: nothing

magnum 357 to shoot with does 70 hp accancy medium effect: does so thay only can walk and will not could run 5 min after taking health kid

back to jobs, jobs should be done for guards so you can do jobs for guards like moving heavy stuff or cooking or something like that to earn your hard earned Cash

Drugs should not only have an effect but also give you health speed more straingh and such it would do so players do take drugs so thay can kill or something

and thats it