Idea- Takeshi's Castle game mode.

Takeshi’s Castle is a gameshow originating from Japan that’s very popular in Britain and the USA (where it’s called MXC). After watching the clips on YouTube I had the idea that someone could make a game mode based on the show!
It would work like this. Players choose one of 2 teams- the contestants or the henchmen. The contestants have to make their way through challenges based on those featured on the show, whilst the henchmen have to eliminate them. The challenges would start off easily and with many players , and sometimes without henchmen (who would be spectating) , and end up much harder. There would be short breaks at the end of each challenge, and eliminated contestants would choose to spectate, join the henchmen on the next challenge, exit, or re-enter at the start of the next game.
The ‘‘show’’ would end with a bumper car-like game; armed with guns and little vehicles the contestants must kill the henchmen before they do likewise. The last person left standing at the end, or the person to kill Takeshi himself (perhaps played by the admin) would win the game!
tl;dr=a Takeshi’s Castle game-mode.
I can’t do any game mode coding at all but I am confident that there are…
1). Coders able to make this kind of game-mode
2). GMod fans who also love Takeshi’s Castle.
…so if you read this and are any of the above, then you could help turn my dream into reality!

You know “Deathrun” game mode is almost exactly like this sooo…

Deathrun has 2 teams, Takeshi’s Castle only has this on about 4 minigames

Make up some more Mini-games then…

I wold like to help you :smiley: