Idea, that would make jobs in DarkRP more flexible

Single toolgun.

So you had a toolgun that had restricted tools (removed from the tools-list), or only 1 tool (like a SCar spawner for cardealer, or tuner for car shops)

I know this goes kinda beyond the easy and the wise, but could someone tell me this easier way:
How to create a new access-level for ASSMod?

Above guest, below respected, only specific tools usable (Unique to the access and admins, no-one else)

Though single Toolgun would be easier…

I know i sound tired.

I am.



Like a tool gun that … would only do one tool?
Why not just make your own swep spawning a car with parameteres set by some derma crap you could make along with it :slight_smile: , i wouldnt surgest it

Did you just sign your post? Also it’s possible to restrict the use of tool gun tools to certain “jobs” with a few scripts.

Sorry 'bout that…

And not familiar with LUA. Sorry, I only use Sadscript (don’t ask).