[Idea] The <value> dollar build race

So as you know every few weeks a new (or old but coming back into season) derby, rally, or race comes by for gmod and takes hold of everyone’s attention. So far we’ve had everything from gokarts to rock climbing and it seems we’re fairly well covered. One thing that seems pretty dominant however in all of these is that all of the vehicles are top-of-the-line high powered racing/whatever machines and quite frankly it’s almost kind of bland in my opinion.

The idea that I had (which definitely needs to be developed more) is as follows: Contestants need to make and race a vehicle that was built (or “had”) for under or equal to the equivalent of (some number) irl dollars. The vehicles should look used or home built to the extent of something someone could do in their garage/backyard. I was inspired by the top gear episode below where they buy cars for about a hundred (2003) british pounds and do a bunch of trials with them to see who got the best car.


Basic ideas on what some rules might be:

  • Contestant’s cars must at least vaguely look like a regularish car. (No tanks, supercars, gokarts, etc.)
  • Vehicles shouldn’t look too much like they just came off the show room floor. (used man, used!)
  • All acf (e2/prop = too hard to balance) parts must be sourced from the internet or the vehicle your basing off of (if you are basing it off something).
  • Total cost of the car should be under or equal to the budge value set by the contest hosts. ($500 USD would be a good start value)

Also, what I mean by source off the internet is that if you want to say use an inline 4 2-liter engine, you need to find one used or new somewhere (craigslist?) for a price that fits within the 500 dollar budget. Obviously you wont find exact equivalents in acf of real life engines so get as close as you can. For things like differentials where they’ll be a lot harder to find, I’m sure the competition can have some sort of fallback value for them (example: small (any shape) differential: $50).

Other random ideas I don’t know how to use:

  • Weight = cost somehow? I don’t think having everyone end up making cars where the body weighs literally nothing just to get the best performance out of what they can find easily would be very fun so I suppose there should be some kind of hp to weight ratio or minimum weight thing.
    –tiny edit–
    Perhaps every pound below a minimum weight would equal a certain amount of money added to your cost?
    –tiny edit–
  • Extra awards for lowest cost?

I don’t know how things like damage to used shit would go (like, what would you do if someone found a used v6 for $20 on the internet but 1/3 of the cylinders wouldn’t fire or someone found a car for $100 but the engine didn’t start) and I certainly don’t have the resources to host something like this, but I thought it would be an interesting idea to have some kind of race where everything was super junky (without being apocalyptic) and you had to make the best car possible with limited resources. Throw whatever you want at this metaphorical wall and we’ll see what sticks.

One way you could go about this challenge is have a system which randomly spawns about thirty to fifty props for a user(all frozen of course), and you have to build a car from such.

So how I normally build stuff? Count me in.

(No seriously, just look at the trash I make. It’s just random clicks on the spawn list then making whatever spawns look like something. Legit.)

construction/comic props only

sbox_maxprops 10

Do a time limit… build a car in 30 minutes.