Idea to help people who often download or have many maps.

This is a good idea. Basically this picture shows, 2 icons; the 2 icons are “Favourites” and “Recent Maps”

“favourites” work by you choosing the map and that map chosen by you will show up when you click on the “favourites”

Recent maps are maps that you have recently downloaded either internally from toybox or externally by placing a map into the map or addons folder.

My idea for recent downloaded map is this: First downloaded map goes into recent, after downloading 10 other maps the first downloaded map is remove from the tab of recent downloaded maps.

People who have so many downloaded maps I would say in my experience, often find it hard searching for the map downloaded, its way easier to just click on recent downloaded tab, and boom. Map downloaded is there and favourites too. Useless or not useless, its still a feature Garry could maybe consider or lua coder???

Not really needed, I have over 300+ maps in my directory and never struggle to find my maps I want to play.

It simplifies finding 1 map out of 300, choose favourite map and so on; sure you might find it no struggle but there are always those that do struggle. I believe toybox already have favourites, but its only for toybox as I imagine…

It’s just plain Lazy, dammit people are getting lazier and lazier it takes no more than 30 Seconds to find the map you’re looking for.

I use the console and the auto completer on the “map” command for fast search

What if you don’t know the map name? What a auto completer?

First, who are these people? I’m only defending this at the moment.
Secondly, you’re ignorant, having favourites and recent downloaded maps makes things more simple, can’t your see that?

Doesn’t gmod already have a favorite map thing?

Technically they do, in Toybox that is.

No there’s also a Favourites tab in the normal start singleplayer window.

Yeah just found out, wasn’t aware until your post showed up. In this topic I also propose a recent download tab, I believe with recent maps tab it would be perfect :smiley:

I set up custom tabs for each prefix - extremely easy to set up.

It would be nice though if there was a feature that lets you make custom tabs in game.

  1. Go to console
  2. type in: “map [mapname]”
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

That’s not the point of this thread. If you know the name of the map, then you would never need this feature. But for someone who has a shit-ton of maps in their garrysmod folder, they can’t possibly remember the names of all of them.

The favorites and recents would be for the guy who goes, “I want a map with a forest in it, maybe a small town. Maybe I’ll look in my favorites to see if I have anything in there that’s like that. There it is! rp_mountainvillage.”

I remember the names of all the maps I play on because I make them :smug:

Then why are you posting on this thread if it doesn’t apply to you

Because I’m explaining to people it’s not hard to remember the name of a frigging map.

You’re forgetting people like me who can’t remember what I did yesterday, let alone map names.

Then you should go see a doctor, not be playing Garry’s Mod…


Sorry, I just looked back at this post and how stupid it was. Just had a bad say is all.