Idea to increase socialization

First off, forgive my spelling.

OK so i think the fear of games like this is that player to player interaction will become like the stereotypical DayZ mod kill on sight and trust no one. Its hard to get rid of this mentality but this is an idea that i have that i think will help players be a little more trusting of others. So i am thinking that the game could implement a truce system. By this i mean one player makes a arrangement with another player to not hurt each other, people already do this in game all the time but betrayal is always a possibility no matter how nice the random person you met seems. The truce system once both players accept will not allow players to hurt each other. There should be multiple types of truces and different times for each one for example a player category and a group truce category. and the truce times could go something like this:

“Name of truce” - “time of truce”

Stranger - 00:15 (mins)
Mutual interest - 00:30
Friendly - 01:00 (a hour)
Companion - 02:30
Alley - 5:00
Neighbor - 12:00
Room mates - 24:00 (a day)
Brothers in Arms - Last until broken

I think the truce should be able to break early with agreement of both players and maybe a distance requirement so one guy doesn’t try to get a cheep kill. Thats how I imagine a truce system would work. Some ideas i got to Initiate a truce would be like a walky talky that let you see other players names with a walky talky and be able to start a truce that way or if a player list screen is ever implemented then maybe that could be used to send a truce to a player, along with private chat and possibly a group chat.

Thanks for reading, these are just thoughts on how to make the game more social
on a side note if your looking for a good rust server i have a favorite call Men With out banners, its a pvp sleeper, to direct connect just type in the consel (F1) net.connect

I think you completely missed the goal of this game. You aren’t supposed to trust anyone. You are supposed to keep your guard up at all times. You are supposed to constantly fear that the guy you have decided to make a trade with might just be waiting to ambush you. There shouldn’t be a truce system of any kind, in any form, at any time in the game, because it takes the entire trust no one feel out of it. You want security that the guy you just met isn’t going to shoot you in the back? Play on a PvE server.

that’s stupid

what do you think this is? a zombie survival game? ha! no way. its a human survival game. just like real life, everyone is out for themselves.

if you’re a solo player like me, just build 1x1 bases everywhere around the map so you have some place to fall back to. keeping all your shit in one location doesn’t make sense in a game where people raid you just because they can.

also, if someone says they’re friendly, they’re lying to you.

Honestly I like the OP’s suggestion, it doesn;t in any way kill the ‘freedom’ of the game, as both parties agree to it, if you don’t like it you don’t have to sign the truce, and you go on unaffected by it. It won’t change anything for those who are uninterested in the truce would it?

It could be argued in the reverse that denying people who want a truce option is denying them to play the game freely also? For me it just adds an extra layer to the immersion.

‘Hey want a truce? No? okay no worries.’ (Hmm why doesn’t he want to assure me his claims of friendly are genuine? I’ll keep my eye on him…)
Just like real life, people you meet every day give you reasonable assurances of their intention you can gauge them on that they won’t stab you in the throat, while others offer up clues by their behaviour and such (such as denying a MUTUAL truce) that do indicate you shouldn;t turn your back on them.

Honestly it is one of those things I have to wonder how it would impact the naysayer? Only reason I can see are those who wouldn’t like it are Player Killers as it would make prey harder for them to get easy kills on.

But yeah such a truce system +1 from me.

If you believe this is true, I feel genuinely sorry for you. Some are, some aren’t, but not all.

Only played for 6 hours, met a bunch of people and only one or 2 have attacked me, every one so far who has said they were friendly seemed genuine, even offering up “gifts” of some pretty good stuff. You really do have trust issues don’t you? lol

How can that be the goal of the game when there is no goal? It’s a free form sandbox is it not?
I could argue the goal of the game is to trust people yes? Wouldn’t make it any more correct than you though would it.

Really? maybe Cautious of others would be better…
If one of the main aims of Rust is to not control how players play, then isn’t preventing people from choosing how they view, approach and play the game and making them play how it suits you doing the exact opposite?

Honestly would like to see how this would hurt anyone or ruin their gameplay unless they were douchebag PVPers who need to lie to and deceive everyone they meet to get a kill.

To quote Jim from 28 Days Later “It’s a shit idea, and you know why? Because it’s so obviously a shit idea.”

Does it sound harsh? I hope so, because I have little patience for the willfully naive. With only 6 hours in, you haven’t had the joy of finding that one guy that you thought was your friend shoot you in the back. You haven’t woken up to find that the buddy you brought back to your base just looted everything after you logged out and hacked down every door you put up.

If you want to use real life as an example, then let’s roll with it. In real life there is no computer system to guarantee that you play nice with others. There is no truce mechanic that prevents me from randomly punching a friend. And if the first thought you have is “There are the police” I will just counter with the fact that even obeying the law is voluntary and although if you get caught there are consequences, there is still a choice on whether you want to take that risk or not.

This system simply will not work in Rust. I deny a truce, he tries to shoot me. I accept a truce, he follows me to my base, loots all my crates, destroys all my doors, and then knows that I cannot hunt him down until he agrees to cancel the truce. That isn’t real life, that’s training wheels for the socially inept. How do I know that the whole point of this game is to trust no one? Because it is right there in the game description. Caution should dictate everything you do in the game, and a truce system is the easy button for caution.

You already have the freedom to do this. We don’t need our hands held.

Well ppl start Raiding and shooting at each, not only because they can, they’re just bored, only at the first 2 days u scavange ur stuff and try to survive, but on the 3rd day they just start to roam, cause they got enough to eat, enough weapons and ammo to arm a whole private army. They don’t need to fear animals/zombies/wheather.
At the moment it’s only alpha, dev’s wanna know what the players like, what kind of challenges the ppl need!