Idea to make Melee Weapons relevant...

Weapons have different amounts of “weight”, slowing people down when out. Melee weapons should be lighter and increase player speed, give or take depending on the effectiveness of said weapon, to enable the player to close the distance to a person that has, for example, a crossbow. Or, maybe a temporary boost of speed with a cooldown timer.
Something of that sort to prevent people from using a bow at point-blank range, which so awkward, cringeworthy, and unrealistic in any sort of crazed world…

What do you guys think?

Yeah I never melee as I just get bowed to the face. Beyond making melee weapons cause high damage which most people won’t like, I think being hit by a melee weapon should knock the player down, or stun them, or something to give the attacker an advantage.

rather than a speed BOOST, i’d penalise player speed based on the currently equipped gear and weapon/tool. so unarmed moves at normal speed, a knife has a mild penalty and an ak has a heavy penalty. add a penalty for each bit of armour you are wearing and tanks will move like tanks, scouts like scouts.

i suppose another way would be to have the same kind of system, but using food consumption. a player wearing full armour with an ak is using more food per second than a player without because they are moving with a heavier load.

The main reason melee weapons are useless is because you can’t use them while running and it slows you down to lower then walking speed while attacking, i could understand if you are slowed down to walking pace AFTER the melee animation has ended but at the moment you can’t use melee weapons unless you slow down to walking pace first.

I’ve been shot in the face too many times by bows, crossbows and any other ranged weapon because the other player simple runs backwards before my melee animation ends (this affect 2 handed weapons more as their animation is much longer)

I know they nerfed it to prevent people from running behind people other people at the same pace while attacking them over and over, unfortunately they implemented it wrong.

My fix:

  1. Melee weapons do not slow you down during animation, they only slow you down to walking speed AFTER finishing their animation.

2.You can use melee weapons from running speed, you no longer have to slow down to walking speed to use melee weapons (point 1 still applies)

I wouldn’t mind for power attacks after holding the mouse down, and charge attacks.
You know, even if Skyrim isn’t the best RPG, the melee combat can be somewhat reused.

I totally agree with the point to add weight and reduce the run speed / increase the stamina consumption could be a thing too.

Also we sould be able to hit while running (huge waste of stamina also for example)

as far as a am aware nakeds run faster than geared guys so to a point this is already implemented

not the first time this has been suggested (I also suggested it ages ago), but recently one of the devs actualkly replied to a similar thread and said they wanna do something about melee being shitty. If at least you could sprint while meleeing like in legacy that would already help a lot…

Perhaps have the player lunge during a melee attack?

No idea where you got this information from but it’s dead wrong. Everyone runs at the same exact speed, whether they’re fully geared or completely naked.

Wouldn’t a permanent speed boost let armed players always catch anyone unarmed? It would be better if players with melee weapons can thrust forward, but be slowed to a walk for a second after to cancel any net speed gain.
It also wouldn’t hurt if they made melee more effective by reducing the speed penalty on swinging while running. Have lighter weapons have much less speed penalty when swinging.

With these combined, you can imagine being chased by a melee. They have to line up for a thrust, but if they miss, you gain distance. Similar to how bows create distance each time you fire.
Melee vs melee would require you to anticipate thrusts, dodging and counter-attacking.

I honestly think they should do the speed penalty just like CSGO.

M4/AK/Rifles = Slow you down real hard.
Knife / Pistols / SMGs = Easier to carry
Nothing = more speed.

Armor will also lose speed penalty since its an armor. Chestplates won’t be heavy but road signs and such like that armor will lose speed penatly.

Also, I liked the idea of eating food thing. The more you carry with you, the more you have to eat to keep yourself in shape and ready to walk and or run. Because right now, food is litearlly useless (Also drinking water).

They’ll do some farming updates and then I guess they will make the foods/drinks more useful/vital

I don’t think a particularly strong case can be made for why you run faster while carrying a spear or a broadsword than you do carrying a bow, pistol or SMG.

The devs can de-glitch-ify melee combat, and hopefully they will, but that won’t make melee weapons suddenly become relevant. As long as ranged weapons operate at or near modern weapon levels, regardless of how well the skin looks like a beat-up scavenged homemade contraption, this will be an almost exclusive shooter game. Guns would need to be the equivalent of pipe shotguns, including rifles and pistols, with significant and specialized disadvantages. Modern weapons might drop, but the precision ammo required to use them should be very rare… only brought out for special circumstances (1994’s No Escape).

If we’re looking for a way to blend melee and other lower-rated weaponry in the game at the same time, you have to be looking at the conflict between firearms and tomahawks in the early to mid 18th century America. Otherwise, melee weapons will likely remain merely the weapon of choice for naked newbie beach brawls, discarded or used for wall-bashing after day 3.

To implement this they would first need to remove the hot-bar and add a better ui inventory, not really sure if they plan on doing that in the future or not.