[Idea] Toy Wars

Heavily inspired by Toy Soldiers, I thought of an awesome idea of a game, involving the use of gasp toy soldiers based off of Either WWI or WWII, probably WWI because it wouldn’t be so offensive to be a German, and airplanes for WWI are awesome. Anyway, This probably will never happen, but I felt the need to say this idea

First off, Playermodels of the soldiers, obviously, for the different sides and whatnot.
Also, when the players die, their bodies don’t ragdoll, but rather freeze and fall over like a wooden toy. This, and bullet impact blood is replaced with wood chips or something.

Tanks and Airplanes are totally necessary. Have an Arcade dogfight style, easy to learn controls and physics for the planes of WWI, such as biplanes and triplanes. The tanks are self explanatory as well.

I figured a game mode like this would be great for those bedroom maps, with the toys shooting everywhere and the planes in alllll that open space in the room. Feel free to rage about posting an idea that isn’t a project, or posting an idea without knowing how to make a game mode, or posting about an idea that I don’t expect to happen, but I thought it’d be a cool idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would play this so much.

I would too. This was something I thought of after being severely dissapointed by Toy Soldiers being a Tower Defense D:

This… is… awesome. Especially on how you would use the big maps, because those maps are PERFECT for this type of gamemode. I suck at LUA so hopefully someone will make this!

I do too, and I do too. XD

Anyway, I’ve wished for this for a long time, because I have an itching to bomb people out with my spiked helmet and red baron plane D:

I wish I knew Lua.
Or any language for that matter.

You know english…I think

Programming language, I meant.