Idea: Trap-setting defend the fort gamemode.

Here’s something I think would be cool and might actually make me get back into playing Gmod: a gamemode where there are two forts and two teams (with limitations on their tool-using ability, you can only use so much rope or a limited amount of turrets with limited power, for example) have to design traps to prevent others from getting into the center of their fort and retrieving the “idol”. They’ll have a limited time on their own (say, five or ten minutes) to design the traps (perhaps a limited version of Wiremod would be available) and then they’d “save” the state of all their traps after they’re done or the time is out.

After that point, everyone on that team is sent out of their fort and stripped of their tools, given only a crowbar and pistol with infinite ammo, and they have to make it to the center of their own fort within ten more minutes and retrieve the idol (this is so that they must design it to be possible to get to the center). If one team is unable to do this before time runs out, the other team wins; if they’re both unable, than whoever gets to the center first (after the time runs out) wins, or if 10 more minutes pass and they still haven’t gotten to the center, it ends in a draw. Any time a player is killed, they are sent back outside the fort.

Once a player from both teams has gotten the idol in their own fort, the teams switch forts, all traps are reset to their original states, and whichever team has a player get to the idol in their enemies fort wins the game. Players can only hear the mics on their own teams, and obviously both teams would be limited on the amount of items they can use, and the power of them. Some extra things would need to be added, like tripwires, sensors, and a toned down wiremod-like setup (toned down so that they wouldn’t be able to do things such as set passwords or stupid shit like that, but still functional enough that they could trigger traps with sensors). There would be a time limit (half an hour or so) where if neither team could get to the idol in that time, the game ends in a draw.

Simply getting to the idol and pressing “use” while looking at it is all that’s needed to win. You don’t have to get the idol out of the base, you just have to get to it.

EDIT: In order to prevent there from being a scenario where the trap blocks off the room forever, there will be an option where, if all players are outside the fort, they can vote to reset the traps inside back to their original state. There will also be options to vote people off your team if they’re griefing or generally being a dick.

So that’s my idea. If anyone thinks it’s a good idea or sees any potential problems with the balance or ways that people could “cheat”, go ahead and tell me.

Oh come on, this idea is awesome. How can no one be supporting this?

I like the trap parts, but there are already too many fort defenses. i suggest when you have an idea, make sure it’s original before posting (not being mean, also did you not see the Agree x 3 under your first post?)

Self rating.

You can’t rate yourself 3 times, you know.

That sounds effective… But complicated.