Add night vision goggles that are really hard to make

Even on moonless nights, torches aren’t necessary. And I’m not gamma cheating.

Movement is easy to see.

What kind of penalty would they have? Other than taking up a head slot, of course.

Add a night vision “eyepatch”. They would work with battery. You take on one, you have a one eye view into the night. Get another eyepatch, you have a decent view into the night. You could swap which eyes to open and close.

Up your gamma. :stuck_out_tongue:

what he said

gamma is a kind of hacking… who see at night? even with full moon is hard to see anything. Night comes out and i keep at first small box i see just aiming the doorway to shot if something pass

i wish there was a way to counter gamma hacking
like when everything is a certain level of darkness in a certain radius its just black
i doubt its that simple to fix

amazing idea, i hate any kind of easer a game, i play with folks who use gamma, i don’t se a tree even i run and hit they, a lot of people just use gamma and see like day no mind time is in game

Nights are very bright again and I don’t up my gamma. I miss the dark nights when I couldn’t see anything in my base without a light on.

Really is no need to up gamma now that the nights are so bright.

I hate you.

You too.