ideaD v1

This addon will give you inspiration to build things in gmod.It is a simply test which will ask 4 questions and will come up with a result.It comes very handy when you are bored and you don’t know what to build.

[li]36 different answers[/li][li]144 different combined answers[/li][li]New test button[/li][li]Other answer button[/li][li]How to use tab[/li][/ul]

To do in next edition:
[li]More specific answers and bigger amount of answers[/li][li]Include question after community request “Do you like to kill things for no apparent reason?” [/li][li]existing “Test” Tab will change to "basic building,wiremod " and an additional tab called “Advanced wiremod” will be added[/li][li]lot more questions about “advanced wiremod” tab[/li][li]Change the way results are made(I am gonna use mathematic equations maybe)[/li][/ul]

Please tell me which of the above features you like or not

Need your help and feeback:
This is my first addon on gmod,I don’t want you to be strict,but I need you to tell me what you think so I can improve it.
To be more specific you can:
[li]Correct my gramatical mistakes maybe[/li][li]Suggest ideas for future versions[/li][/ul]


Why do we need this, you should only buy GMOD and build if you have good imagination, not rely on some addon.

Gmod has been out for, what, 3 years now? Surely someone must’ve run out of ideas.

It’d be good for competitions, or just plain boredom.

You really are a god damn idiot…you don’t need to have an imagination to buy GMod, just the will to do different things. I don’t build much as I have a severe lack of creativity, but that doesn’t stop me stress testing the engine or just seeing if there are any proof of concept things to build.

Eh, its a nice idea but its poorly executed, the derma is ugly and the answers arent too creative, I’d say just put some more polish into the derma and work over some algorithms to make it a little more interesting.

Why not this was just the firtst version to get the main idea :slight_smile:


Well if you have ideas all the time you are not human maybe?I mean there is not any person with so much imagination.This is the 1st version of my addon I just want you to tell me if you like the idea and tell me how to improve it not tell me why do we need that.

You should get better Derma, change how to use tab to say Help, and I suggest changing the name…because ideaD can also say I dead. And I suggest find some avid builders and asking them what should you add to it, personally I’d like 2 tabs, one for advanced wiremod, and one for normal building/basic wiremod.

Very nice ideas thanks.But what exactly do you mean by getting better derma?I mean I can change the colors but some guys that tested it told me to let it like this.

He means better at derma as in making it look better, positioning things correctly, etc… You get better with practice, you learn quick little algorithms to make positioning easy, etc.

Is there anything I can read to learn more about that?

I dont think there’s any guides on aligning derma elements, but learning to align them yourself isnt all that hard, for instance:

If I have a derma frame that is 500x500 and I want to put a derma panel in the center of it to make it look better, heres what I would do:

Set the position of the panel to be (10,32). 10 on the X axis because I want a 10px space between the edge of the frame and the panel. 32 on the Y axis because I want the 10px padding on the Y axis as well, HOWEVER, I want the panel to start 10px below the title bar at the top of the frame. The title bar is 22 pixels high, so you add 10 pixels to 22 pixels and you get a 10px padding on the X and the Y axis. Then you set your width and height, keeping in mind that the X represents how long the element will be, starting from the origin and going right, and the Y represents how tall the element will be, starting from the origin and going DOWN. All elements begin at the top left corner and go to the bottom left corner. Anyway, because our frame is 500x500 and we want to fill everything in the frame other than our 10px padding around the edges with our panel, we subtract 20 from the X and Y of the frame the panel is parented to. This is because on the X axis, theres 10px of padding on either side, resulting in 20px total. The same goes for the Y axis.

So the panel is located at (10, 10) and is the size (480, 480), and it will fit the entire frame with a 10px padding around the edge, while keeping the title bar intact.

This is probably overly complicated but learning to use basic math and logic skills when positioning derma can be a major selling point between a mediocre addon and a great addon!

I am 100% certain I have seen the very same idea implemented previously, at least a year ago. I suppose your creativity display isn’t really all that creative…

Maybe ? give me a link then.But I thought it my own.I did not steal any idea.


Very useful I know much of this stuff but I didn’t know that it would make such difference.

** Note: **
Does anyone know in which section of the forum can I post a survey abot my addon to learn what people would like to see in future versions?

Your best bet would to just ask people in this thread what they want to see.

So I am going to ask here what you would like to see in future versions of ideaD.I made up my mind(after some nice suggestions) and there will 2 test tabs one for “basic building and basic wiremod” and one for "advanced wiremod.I would like anyone to suggest questions for the test or evenmore suggest new ideas.Anyone who is willing to do this will take credit in the next version.

Can you be more specific on the algorithms?I mean I know what they are but I never seen how to apply them on LUA.