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30 bucks please… anyone?

“a powerful”

Running a host from a single box isn’t a good idea.


What’s aslot?


As above.

How can you afford “the best” prices when you spend all your money advertising via FP titles?

It’s not the same as I think. They’re German.

Either way, these guys appear to be terribad.

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Though something interesting to note is - It was registered by someone in sweden ( )

Why do you have 10Gb to your server for a gmod host?

Congratulations, you slapped some text on a picture and called it an ad.

While your ad specifies you have ONE box, that picture includes around 45 boxes.

Please put more effort in it next time.

Because are Dedicated is located at blue square date in the UK and that is what they offer

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Ideal-Host is a new company and are main goal is to offer the best service we can. and as soon as we see that the Dedicated is in stress we will buy a there one with the same or higher spec

You completely dodged what I said, and your reply towards me has nothing to do with it at all. :colbert:

OP, how old are you :v:?

Hello Afromana,

I am sorry that you did not like the ad.
and that your question was not answered to your recommendation.

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Hello Loures

Im 18 and i live in the UK

and i have a full time job as a computer technician.

It’s justin beiber!

He’s trying to make some extra money.

“i have a full time job as a computer technician”

Yes, but dont worry as i have people to help with support, its not just me so there is all ways someone to help you 24/7

Your terrible grammar alone makes this “company” look very unprofessional.

i will rate you winner and comment good comments about ideal-host if you give me a 20 slots minecraft server free 4 ever

Because i have bad grammar does not mean the company is unprofessional.

Can you please upload the rest of the chat next time

Is making GSP out of nowhere a new fashion these days?

Few typos you might want to fix to look more professional