Ideal server rates

I have a VDS with NFO (the 4-core one and I was wondering what the ideal rates for a server with about 40 people online would be. I was also wondering what the default tickrate is set at on SRCDS since I’m using the gui launcher instead of a command line (which I will be switching to soon). The gamemode we are running is Cinema and with 40 players, the pings are a little high due to the server taking too much CPU (gotta love single-thread).

By rates I mean all these settings :


What are you guys using on your servers?

*I put this thread in this section because this isn’t really a request for help or anything, I only want to know what people are using on their own servers and opinions on what good/optimal rates are.

Cinema doesn’t require shooting or movement in serverside entities like vehicles, so you can get away with very low settings without a visual difference. I don’t think fps_max is even used serverside, but for the tickrate you can do something like 16 without problems. The 4 rates you stated are usually the same as the tickrate.

Basically 16 across all values should work fine for cinema.

The default tickrate on SRCDS is 66, the lowest I would go is 33 for the tickrate.

I have a Cinema server with a tickrate of 16 for Cinema and it runs awesome, especially for being hosted in the west coast of America and I’m in the east.

Pisses me off when i go on a build server to use E2, and i end up having to double all my values and multipliers because “SERVER RUNS BETTER AT HALF SPEED LOL”



What you’re saying isn’t really relevant. I made the suggestion based on the OP’s server.