Ideals of different models and ragdolls

Hey everyone, i was wondering, for anyone that can make ragdolls and models real good, can they make a kim kardashian ragdoll, or a
beyonce ragdoll but with like the body type of soyna ragdoll if u can make, it would be a big help ty

Why don’t you just learn to do it yourself? Practice makes perfect.

what are the programs to make a ragdoll and/or model

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but really can can anyone make them ragdolls or teach me how to make it

It’s not like that: “let’s download some app, tomorrow I will have super ragdoll”. Leraning modeling usual props need months, same for uvmapping, texturing. I’m modeling since 2 years and I’m not so advanced to make my own ragdoll.

Apps: 3ds max, maya, zbrush, blender, google sketchup.

well i kinda knew that i was just asking what would i need to start off doing first