Ideas and proposals

Just want to say sorry for my bad english, I live in Ukraine.
You had a vote to replace what zombies and a lot of people voted for about dinosaurs. My opinion is a bad idea and it’s not just because I am the shield and bolshestvo Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus. We climbed vkontakte in the same community and thought what you offer and came up with hope you enjoy.
We believe the game will be more interesting if it HARDCORE.Let the game will be different types of mutants and mutants of each type will be on your engine, and generally attack behavior. Let some mutants may have mutated and goes where no make radiation, most mutants can not go out in the day (fear of light) they will have to hide in their shelters (burrows, caves) and some apparently can go out in the day and sleep notyu iti. Of course there are only visible in the areas of Radiation live, I’ll tell you what we came up with.

*The first kind.Rat which could mutate and walks on two legs, like a dwarf appearance. They live radiotsinoy area. They live in forests, steppes. Go flocks from 1 to 5. Out only at night. Night their eyes glow and emit a strange frightening sound.
Behavior, usually run on a light that is home to the players. When they came they somehow start scripts on the walls and give terrible sound (players will be scared) and feed to find the entrance to the house.Here’s an example how it looks

On this, our imagination will end but the players want to see many kinds of mutants and not 1-2. I advise to look mutants of other games such as (stalker, metro), and can even take them for himself. You said that want to add Farming as I understand it can be Turns chickens etc can mount a mutant that will napadat on belly.
2.Map,landscapes. I do not know what the size of the full map but I hope to 1,000 km2 in the game should be seized many landscapes toits marshes, deserts, etc. In dermal landscape must be zest, landscapes that players wanted to go back

3.Client appearance Player
I think you have in your plans for this launcher is not that says I will not. Appearance player I thought and came up with a chip let be to change the face but do not touch my hair and beard that is, it will be early in the game when the player is bald and selling a lot of time in the game your character will start to grow hair and beards can add razor and scissors and cut character and choose him his haircut and beard. Games
Just add cards, poker, chess was to play that night friends.
5.I want that all the ideas stym’a have been added to in the future games.
6. Military, bandits, protecting. When the card is to be built somewhere in the 40-60% and can lead:Military, bandits, protecting. Offered ubrat all weapons that are not homemade toist M4, P250,Pistol, Shotgun. They can be knocked out in the military or find in the big cities they can not be learn.
It can mount a homemade

7.Military, bondity Aborigines
Military spasnitsya on the shores of the sea that is, that their base and you can see there is even-ship on which they sailed. Their snipers have had their equipment they have very clever and very accurate shooting at a military base close to 50 players will have to gather 20 people to destroy theirs base. All appear on the map 11 bases after the destruction of one base, it appears elsewhere in 50 minutes. They can patrol the road and if they see your home they can come to visit (on rozvetku).
Bandits appearing in big cities like marauders and maps have small abandoned village where the radiation is not present and the bandits weak armor but some of the beginner simple jacket y mount a gun on earth can that be bandits Russian weapons. If you are attacked by them, and they fled, they can hunt down and you want your home blockade
Aborigines live in foxes, bare mountains, they read but well strilyayut archery

Im sorry friend but google translate has failed you. I think i start to understand a sentence then you say something like “Let some mutants may have mutated and goes where no make radiation”. i am in no way making fun of you. but its hard to understand your ideas.

if you have a ukraine friend who speaks english pretty well, ask him to translate this for you so we can all better understand it.