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So was thinking and I was like

Screenshot 2021-03-27 120713

could I make an optimized shader for this kind of glass?


because if you have ever looked through that kind of glass it distorts what light goes through it and it looks nice but if you were to actually have a model for that glass as a window type it would be a heavy load for rendering each distortion through it and it would need to be optimized somehow,

up next is dynamic entrances to other servers or other game modes and it could load you over within a second or two ae you could have a server hub where you open a door it then booms your in that server, now let us get into the juicy stuff,

would it be dynamic or something else I dunno but I thought of items or in-game devices that still stay with the player across servers and keep their data also in conjunction with this let me make a scenario I have the server X I go to A the and set up a camera or some sort of device I go back to server x and I can look at whats happening in server a in real-time, that’s one of the neat ones I thought up.

Next on Damage and ballistics based on what caliber what firearm what ammunition what the bullet weighs what kind of load it is so basically a Really complex ballistics system I know a little nerdy but yeah.
And now the one that’s really really good if facepunch gets this in natively to s&box,
Media players and radios that work well, also a DVD player that you could have an mp4 or other video types on a cd or hell have a VHS player and tapes it would be a cool and great feature.

But yeah some of these I would like to try to make my self because I like making things some are just out of my range but not if I learn that’s why I always love to learn more, but thats all for now
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Stuff like this was possible in Source 1, although it’s way up there in the source modding difficulty scale, “difficulty scale” meaning “no documentation” of course. Think about the fish-lens material used on the magnifying glass or some of the test shader materials.

I don’t see why it shouldn’t be possible, although I’m not sure how optimized it could be if you want it to interact with light, there’ll always be the option to make custom shaders thanks to Sam’s work :muscle:

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also and addition that I just thought of PTZ cameras that have do have physics with em ima try to make that rn im a Spicy mood so why not throw something together
edit this camera model hla has should do its got an armature so i can manipulate that now to check some other things


Would i use a prop dynamic or something else ?

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I just reailized wait for early accsess or relese for this then ill make it and entity or maybe if its a feature a addon that you install for s2 hammer and boom you can use it for mapping

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btw i got to this im going to also make a model since i cant use that model in s&box


I believe S&Box will have access to rust assets and the CCTV camera is able to rotate and stuff so I assume it has an armature or at least some way to control it. Might be easiest to use that.


True but i want more than one camera to work with but thanks for telling me that.