Ideas for a newbie.

Well, can anyone give me ideas for things to make in lua? (Do note, i am a newbie at lua)
I seem to find that the only way i can learn anything is by making stuff with it…

Start with some simple console commands, that’s what I did. A command to set your armor and health, a command to find the distance to what you are looking at, stuff like that.

Indeed. I suggest console commands as well, this is a fantastic way to create realistic usable snippets of code.

Other console command concepts:


Simple but fun. Enjoy your self-teaching. :smile:

Heh, thanks guys! I will be sure to create some console commands later. I was working on an admin mod earlier but i gave up because i don’t know enough lua yet to make it spiffing.

Did no one just read PIL?

I read the 5.1 reference manual and then PIL about 3 years ago.

I suggest reading some of the simple things in the requests section, and releasing it in order to allow others to change and modify it if you missed something or didn’t know how to accomplish something right.

Something that you should really keep away from is the CS weapon base, making guns by modifying a few properties is horribly easy, cheap and unoriginal, and it attracts a lot of people who end up getting nowhere.

Once you’re bored with console commands and feel like you can do something a bit more advanced, try coding a few SENTs. Those can be really fun to code and use alone, and they are the base for every good SWEP and gamemode.

And obviously, once you have coded some cool scripted projectiles, make a SWEP that launches them.

And then, maybe you can start making gamemodes if you have original ideas.

Congrats on your 2000th post, enjoy your Gold Member :biggrin:

Also congrats kilburn, and thanks for the ideas guys!