Ideas for a War Strategy gamemode.

Well, I’m getting quite bored of all of the gamemodes Gmod already has, and I don’t think this has been done yet, and I heard that people were wanting a gamemode like this, so I’m here to ask:

What would you like to see in a War Strategy Gamemode?

We need original stuff. We are trying to distance this as far as possible away from CS:S. (This includes custom models for player models, weapons, etc.)

We will be adding a rank system e.g. The higher the k/d ratio, the higher the rank you are and the more weapons and abilities you get.

There is no cap on max amount of players. :dance:

This post will be updated with TODOs, What is to be expected, and what is already done.

We need you to make this the next greatest gamemode. Please submit serious ideas.

Are you going to take a part in developing it?

Of course. :keke:

Then if you manage to get a team and get things going I may help a little.

What is your “profession”?

Some texturing and mapping.

You say your trying to get this as far away from css as possible, but isn’t this just basically css with different models/weapons etc?

cod4, garrys mod style

Well, I did have an idea for a war game, however I do not know Lua.

There are about 3 classes: Riflemen, Rocketman, and Flame Vet. But instead of everybody rushing, you would be randomly chosen for defense or offense. For example, if you are offense, killing somebody “inside” your base would kill you. For defense, killing outside the base will kill you.

And then maybe a money or experience system to upgrade/buy new weapons. But I’d suggest weapons like TF2 does it where they only change gameplay, not make you stronger.

If you use this idea, may I help? :keke: