Ideas for charcoal uses

Since I seem to have an overabundance of charcoal, I’ve come up with a couple ideas for addition uses beyond gunpowder.

Signs -
Take a couple wood planks and some charcoal, and you can make a sign to place on the ground/walls. Name your town or settlement. Put up no trespassing signs near your house. Not sure if it’s possible with the unity engine though.

Water filters-
Since there is water in game, and presumably a thirst stat will be added later, we could have stagnant water around the map that you have to collect. In order to make it safe to drink, you have to make a charcoal water filter. Otherwise, it’ll have the same effect as raw chicken. Small boost to thirst, but makes you throw up and lose health.

If they add weather later on, there could be rain barrels (made with wood planks) as well, for the more established structures. Whenever there is rain, the barrels fill slowly with untreated water.

As for the signs and how the engine could handle it… It could display in-game as just a smudgy scrawl, but show the text when you get close (like names display now). Minimal coding, overhead, etc.