Ideas for CS:GO maps

So the Operation Phoenix will end in 1-2 days. I want to ask you, what is your next-big-idea for a map?

My idea - Big mountain station was ambushed by Terrorists and they kidnapped some hostages. CTs are tasked for rescuing them or killing the Ts, H rescue point is not a CT spawn but an opposite side of the map in the cable car boarding room. Ts spawn is in the middle of the station. CTs have access to 4 chokepoints (roof, main hall, underpass, side hall), hostages are spawned on 4 possible spawns. Underpass is basically series of catwalks with support pillars and big boxes as cover. Roof is only accessible by CTs from their side only and its a fast but deadly shortcut to first two H spots. Main hall is a slow way in with bookshelves, closets, cabinets as cover that leads to T spawn. Side hall leads to a big cantine with minimal cover and lots of gunfire, cantine is also accessible from Roof, cantine has the smallest amount of cover and the only cover are the chairs and tables (and obviously the serving table).

First timer here also :slight_smile:

Something like this with full explorability:

I am working on something like this but I suck at mapping

Seems like a cool idea.

Sounds good on paper, but gameplay wise it will take ages to find other players in “fully explorable” environment like that

True, but you could make it only have a few floors or something like that.

That’s not really the big problem. A CS map is judged based on replayability, balance, that sort of thing. You can’t just make a few floors, you really have to plan it out.

So you can’t plan out a few floors? I understand your points but I say it is doable

Even if you want, you need to plan out the map or beta test it for a long time to find vulnerabilities plus fit the map under 2 minute play time plus 2 minutes for hostage extraction…

I want a map with Arctic Avengers where the bomb target is the canadian embassy.

You are describing literally every map creation process

maybe something related to east Ukraine

Ooh, that would be cool. It could be a hostage situation with the mayor of a Ukrainian city

I’m working on a Vegas type of map. Don’t know when it will be finished but expect it to come on the workshop next week or so. Also would anyone know where to get some vegans type models just for some looks

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You could probably reskin this too:

Though im not sure how many Casinos to have might have 2 and around some buildings
its also set on the strip so it will be a lond road

You can make neon signs with $selfillum

I had an idea for a Nightclub CS map but then I thought of how the spawn points would be