Ideas for doing what looks like to be a collapsed tunnel in a cave system?

Hey guys, just wondering how you guys would go about doing this.
My idea was just to do some displacements with both rock/dirt textures and mix them together so it looks realistically collapsed.
I guess I’m mainly wondering if this is a good way to do what I’m looking to do or if there is another way of doing so.

Any feedback would help greatly! Thanks guys.

I’m sorry xD

Like in hammer itself. Like I got references, but I was wondering if using displacements would be the best option to doing something like this.

it’d be best to use a mixture of brushes and displacements. look into using the subdivide tool to create a rounded hole and fill it in with various brush/model based debris.

Coming from someone not really used to Hammer mapmaking, my first instinct is to use brushes for the tunnel and hole, and models for everything else.