Ideas for France

Cant steam block France from playing rust or from using steam because its there fault anyway or could you make it so that the USA sends nukes to France killing all those unwated fags.:rock:

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No. Because there are tons of legit players playing in France. Quit being a racist AND homophobic asshole.

Took the words right out of my mouth.

It’s pretty obvious he’s fucking with you. Just trolling. Surely…

But if there dead it would not matter… Just saying what have they provided us?

I had no idea French was a race.

This dude right here.
Also Justice and Daft Punk :dance:

remove baguette from the premises

i agree with the OP to an extent. but instead, close down the france servers? how hard would that be? why should the hackers be able to play on their own servers while the rest of us who paid for the game cannot play. that makes sense.

alright, queue jonny’s worthless comment below

Why ruin it for players who are legit and playing in those servers?

Well, I dont really like most french people either but without France the U.S. would not be its own country. If it werent for them, we would be a British controlled territory or country. That being said, fuck these idiots that are ruining it for everyone else.

because i say so jonny, because the rest of the world says so. hippee

America for the win!!!

I say just shut down the French servers and end all sale of servers to France Hosts until a time when people can behave themselves.

Sucks for the innocent but maybe they can spend some time pressuring the group involved instead of playing a game no one else gets to play

Does anyone know the hackers email, Steam, Forum name?

then they can play on another EU server…there’s ways around that shit…If there are white listed servers that aren’t being ddos’d they should get the provider to shut them down. why should they be able to play while we cant.

but then that means that they have to suffer the lag too, why make them suffer for something that isn’t their fault? Sorry, guess I am playing the humanitarian today.

On the other hand, if it hadn’t been for France and the Napoleonic Wars, the British may not have felt the need to impress American soldiers and ships, creating the friction that eventually led to the War of 1812 and the razing of Washington DC!

On the other other hand, one of the battles in the War of 1812 inspired Francis Scott Key to write “The Defense of Fort McHenry” which was eventually adapted into The Star-Spangled Banner. The war also led to normalized trade relations with Britain.

So let us say for example some kids in the USA start DDoSing/Hacking some EU servers and a good handful, if not all of their servers go down. They should in turn come and start not only DDoSing our servers and attacking our networks, but then shut them all down?

You say the action of ten, maybe even twenty people lets just throw out a higher number, should then punish the hundreds of others international or local players?

I understand you are upset, I do. But that isn’t going to do anything or fix the problem.

jonnymad is always the first one to respond to a post with some asshole comment. How come he isn’t banned? because he is some no life forum troll with almost 2k posts? is that why? and people get banned simply for asking a question. Who cares if someone already asked it? most people dont want to search through 900 pages of forum posts…