Ideas for game

i thing there should be a lot of different weather types

like tornadoes that would blow away you with your house and strong wind,snow,rain that would not fall through wall -_-,…

and for rain you would have to make an umbrella-that would also include different types

-normal umbrella

-umbrella with spikes,…

Other things

-and also water physics would be fun : you could make a water dam next to someones house, and when he would join the game you could flush it like a toilet paper xDDD
-also you would have electricity:
-you would have to find different electric sources like water dams, sun power plants,wind mill,…
you would use electricity for
thats it for now my hands hurth from typing xD

i also mentioned some ideas like a tornados or tsunamis.

And i guess it would be cool too
but an Umbrella? ok.

See someone naked with an Umbrella that has spikes feels a little bit outspaced even when its rust which is already Insane