Ideas for games future.

  1. When wearing full Rad gear shouldnt be effected by radiation.
  2. Have a way that you can see what your character looks like.
  3. Put actual slots for different things in furnace like campfire.
  4. Add a semi-auto rifle like a m14, m1 grand, m21 etc…
  5. Add a select fire feature for the m4 and mp5
  6. Add ACOG for those long shots, and a forward grip to reduce sway and kick.
  7. Different meat for all the animals.
  8. Add a flag that you can customize and place where you want
  9. Stone building materials
  10. Radio so you can talk between friends
  11. Window shutters!
  12. Gas lanterns that u place and put low grade fuel in.
  13. Tame a wolf that you can have guard your base.
  14. Crossbow that you can put a sight on
    Tell me what you guys think of these ideas. :slight_smile:

crossbow is super cool. The thing i like least about the game is all the guns. Im more into the farming aspect of it all, so id like to keep guns hard to use.

haha yeah.

  1. No, it should have a VERY significant impact on irradiating time though.
  2. Why? All you will see is a meatbag with his wang hangin’ out.
  3. Like what?
  4. No, not unless it is only droppable and completely uncraftable.
  5. Just tap your mouse, a steady finger is best.
  6. We have a red dot, we don’t need a different sight picture.
  7. I am pretty sure this is coming, because who really wants just chicken meat from bears?
  8. Like it
  9. Good idea too
  10. Would help with immersion for sure, but there are already external programs like skype that you can use instead.
  11. Pretty sure this is coming.
  12. We have a torch, what’s the difference?
  13. I’m on the fence about this one, come up with some way that this will be useful since a wolf is not exactly difficult to kill, not much protection.
  14. Crossbow would be cool, not so sure about a sight.
  1. Single player.

(commence circlejerk)

I think he means there’s a spot for charcoal and wood in the campfire, and then room for food. Same idea for furnace.

And on single player, I would say no on that one…

i mean one that you can place on a box and you can turn on and off so you dont need to hold a torch or throw a flare. just think it be kinda cool.
12. We have a torch, what’s the difference?

Eh, fair enough you got me sold.