Ideas For Garry's Mod/Pole Y/N For My Idea

Does anyone else think Garry should consider developing an option where you are able to change your “Q” menu back to previous menus say from Gmod 12? [(basically it will look like the older menu but still have all the same functionality from 13)] I know people will bitch saying it’s a stupid idea but we should seriously consider pushing alot of community ideas towards Garry so that we can help him by giving him the ideas to fuel the updates and refinement of Garry’s Mod. Over all making it a more enjoyable game for everyone to play, don’t get me wrong Garry can’t just put random guff n Garry’s Mod but a lot of the ideas which are small and considered such as mine. While I’ve raised this topic let me add that Garry could develope another little option where you can get back some of the older spawnlist folders from the “Q” menu. I apologise for any mistakes in this thread please don’t give any hate make this disscussion a pleasant one :slight_smile: and don’t foreget to vote in the pole :).

The pole is nonexistent. As for your idea, this had been brought up many times and the answers are generally saying ‘its more practical, get used to it’