Ideas for gm_facepunchbuild

I’ve been wanting to make a build map for a while with a few goals in mind:
-Lots of interesting environments to build in.
-High level of quality
-Not a single section that looks like gm_construct
-Custom texture work
-Not too many useless things (the prop deleter in gm_mobenix comes to mind)

if you have any ideas or would like to help please post here




But that is a given


I kind of thought that lighting and optimisation were classified as quality.
Anyway, the main things I’m looking for here are:
-The types of environments people want to see
-Feature requests
-help :slight_smile:

-Water area. Perhaps half land, half water.
-Small city area. Freespace style.

Good maps to build a basis off of:
Hugeflatbuild. Forgot the entire name, but it was the one with the trebuchet (SP)
also freespace. Don’t copy stuff. Just grab a few ideas on the layout and construction,

I think water is definitely important but to me half the map seems just a little excessive. If you can find me one example of a situation where that much water is necessary I will happily build it.

How? He said high level of quality, you can still have quality in a large map. What are you talking about.

I’m making a relatively big map which is very detailed, optimized aswell. I don’t see the problem if it is well optimized and built strategically.

de_wandabuild :dance:

Maybe an airstrip, because I know lots of people who like planes.

Leave him to do it.

Forum citys!
Say one city for maps and one city for lua and so on.

That’s actually a pretty good idea there. Each section could be themed. For instance the Creationism Corner could be a area filled with colour and interesting shapes and lighting. I might try and draw up a plan for this.

It was gm_hugeflatmap… In other news, i think you shouldn’t make it too big. Sure, make it very big, but there’s no point in making it fill out the Hammer Grid. Give the map more buildings and details instead.

That’s the plan :slight_smile:


bumped :slight_smile:


A few Ideas i have for environments:
-Arctic Base
-Desert Ruins

Make a moon of the facepunch logo!

Instead of a build map, this should be some “Facepunch city”.
Using cs_office in comics as facepunch is getting a bit boring…

Agree 1k times.

Well I’m alright at making space scenes in Photoshop so I might make a custom skybox with a FP moon

I may do that good idea

What I really need right now is a modeler and texture artist.