So i want to add more things to GMS. The problem is i am not sure what to make. So give me your ideas. There are some limitations due to GMS having some pretty complicated and non straight forward coding:

1.Can not have new workbenches (may change in the future)
2.Workbenches can not create entities only weapons

Hopefully that list wont get bigger. But everything else is up for grabs so give me your ideas and if i get enough good ones i will code it and create a GMS addon.

Looking at how it was done, it isn’t hard at all, since it calls a function when you “create” the item.

You know the stove?

Yes i looked at it. The stove is designed to create a specific entity with certain peramiters depending on the level and such. Its not a straight forward spawn system much like most of the coding and im not that good of a programmer to be able to figure it all out.

I’m having a problem right now. I can’t decide if I should give you a

or a

for that statement.

I can give this one

and give the other

The choice for me is done !

replace guns with somthing that would make sence like spears and bows and sticks, and as you get better tech, you can make better weapons