Ideas for Iron Oxide :D

These ideas are all completely mine. If you don’t agree… tell me! I want feedback :smiley:

  1. Locks
    I think locks would be a great implementation for doors. Here is my concept. Wooden doors by default are able to be opened by anyone. But you can create a lock with metal fragments and wood. When you create the lock you also need to create a key which links to the lock. You can create copies of the keys for the locks and give them to your friends. As long as you have the key on you, you can open the door. No key? No entering! Unless you break it down.

  2. Reinforced Wood
    This acts as a building material with more durability. This takes wood and metal fragments are various other materials. reinforced

  3. Lanterns
    Now this idea is kinda random but it would be a nice light source that is powered with things like coal and wood.

  4. Add Farming!
    Creating farming tools and other items can be used for making farmland. Once farmland is created you can plant various crops, plants, and veggies!

  5. Tools Fix
    Give each tool it’s own special use and give them durability. This would be a game changer.

  6. Trees MUST FALL!
    Trees that fall and have collision would be awesome. knocks some dudes house over with tree >:)

  7. Moar Walls
    Having various wall designs would be cool. Make buildings look more lively and less… bland?

  8. Diagonal supports
    When building things such as balconies it becomes difficult. Diagonal supports would be nice and make the building look more “realistic”.

  9. A couple different med supplies for different injuries
    Having bandages, splints, wraps, etc.

  10. Hatches!
    Having hatches that open and close vertically instead of horizontal like doors would be cool. It would make bases more complex and a lot more cool.

At this point I am guessing you read all the suggestions! Thanks for reading and thanks for taking note of these ideas. Any ideas to improve these? PM me, I would love to see what every one else thinks and where this game is going. Thanks for this making this great, game with A LOT of potential. I can’t wait for the future of this game. Thanks FacePunch!

                                                                       ~ Assassin

This would be turning Rust directly into Minecraft just more graphically intense

Its in alpha, what do you expect?

I expect the game to not turn into a generic piece of shit, that’s what I hope anyway.


~ Suttles

How so :smiley:

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What do you not like? My least favorite of them is the farming.

3, 4, 5, 7 and 10 can be directly taken from Minecraft

So let me get this straight. Because Minecraft has farming, walls, hatches, and other things means it can’t be in the game? These things are in real life. Minecraft just happens to have them at the same time! :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah honestly this is kind of a silly list of requests. this is an alpha, not something at the point where feature requests really work

also facepunch is a bottom quote forum


an epic post


an epic post

No, I’m saying right at the start of your OP you said all these ideas are ‘completely’ yours when they can be quite clearly extrapolated from Minecraft.

I don’t expect any of this to be included. It’s just some ideas, that I wanted to get out there!

Lanterns doesnt exist in minecraft.