Ideas for longer range grass rendering/grass related stealth

I’m not 100% familiar with Unity 3d (done quite a bit of leve design work w/ Cryengine) but would it not be possible to have some lower poly distant grass model to improve grass distance rendering? I like the idea of having tall grass, being able to hide in it, but when I’m 200 yards away the grass stops rendering but I’m still there. If there could be a lower poly model or even a larger, low poly, “distant grass object” that was rendered at a certain distance, so multiple objects didn’t have to be rendered, but it would give the illusion of having more grass on screen at a longer distance? (as you get closer that larger object that would essentially take up multiple grass places at a distance could be replaced w/ more split up grass pieces as you get closer, keeping a good balance between performance and illusion.) either that or combining a lower poly count distant grass model and maybe adding a function for player opacity to decrease slightly (like 15-20% tops) when crouching in grass? That way it’s not impossible to spot the person (not invisible) but still possible to sneak in grass.

This way if ever a time comes where scopes are implemented (not saying whether I agree or disagree with scopes, just brainstorming subjectively here :p) it’d be possible to sneak still, so distant snipers don’t have total dominance of the landscape. (i guess even now it’s possible to snipe people from the grass render distance w/ a BAR) and if a scope were implemented, would the grass draw distance increase further, since the view point would seemingly be further from the player origin when not looking through a scope? Again, only slightly familiar with game mechanics in Unity, just an idea. This could all be bipassed via the grass.on console command, whichleads me to my next question:

If grass render distance were increased to the point where distant player and distant grass object rendering were the same distance, and if the grass existence did not affect performance, and if these mechanics were implented (grass stealth, scope, etc) would it be a good idea to remove the option to remove tall grass to keep a level playing field?

Please share your thoughts below :slight_smile:

I like grass and all - but do people really use it?

Day 1 I found out about grass.on false and never looked back.

So much nicer to find backpacks, rabbits and chickens!

I also always turn off grass, but the videophile in me wants to leave it on and get sneaky, but I know with limitations/optional existence for other players makes that not such a practical action. Plus the added tension of not seeing players right away/searching for backpacks, etc rubs me the right way :wink: that’s just personal preference though, and everyone plays differently, which is totally fine. Maybe further down the road if grass is optimized better or something it’d be good to revisit this topic, I might be jumping the gun on asking now :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to see a video of someone trying to be sneaky in long grass and not knowing others can turn grass off. That would have to be hilarious.

agreed. holy shit haha that’d be awesome

you can disable grass but can you disable the bushes?

if they were a bit denser they would have been a great hiding spot

Undoubtably, that would be a vid staring me. I’m blissfully ignorant to the fact that others would choose advantage over immersion. Yeah, I’m “that guy”…dipshit.

Hahah, the comment alone makes me smile.