Ideas for making good looking snow?

I’m trying to make a snowy map but am struggling a bit with making a nice looking snow effect (preferably without custom particles.)

This is what I have at the moment (keep in mind that the map in the background is still very early WIP and I’ll likely change the skybox and lighting)


It’s just a white func_precipitation with r_rainspeed 300 and r_rainwidth 5.

I’m aiming for something a bit like this

but I’m unsure as to how to get to that stage, any ideas?

Well I’ve never tried it out but maybe you can make multiple fog layers? And for the particles are you sure those aren’t custom?

I was just about to start a mini-project on something like this.

on func_precipitation, are you using the setting “snow” instead of “snowfall”?

the snow setting is quite identical to a rain effect, so use snowfall for a snow effect.

Oh hey, this isn’t at all a strain on your system.

However that was with 512 particles at once, it’s alot better, and still cool at 128.

Hell, even at 64 you still get a decent sight.

That’s pretty cool, what entity is doing that?

Snowfall doesn’t appear in the dropdown box though?

what game are you mapping for?

The snow in func_precipitation sucks though.

I was running my Half-Life 2 config by accident, nevermind ahah.

A useless Func_precipetation

Oh snap, I forgot to add lighting, seriously didn’t notice it.

Gotta’ keep in mind this effect will be spreading across a 10240x11264 grid too, I might have to keep the dustcloud only in set positions rather than over the entire map. Could I see the VMF for that map?

Just as soon as I’ve fixed the lighting against this light env.

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Thanks. I think I’m going to go for a much more subtle fog rather than a blinding fog, just enough to give it some atmosphere

I want to see my baby.

In due time, still playing with densities and such!

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Not looking that good.

use snowfall, not snow. Jack up the density to 300.

I thought env_embers could be used to make a nice snow effect, unless I was wrong?

Hmm could ash fit?

Try it.

Try using env_embers, that’s what I did.